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Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat, LORMAY Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad Set of 3 Portable Makeup Brush Scrubbers, Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit (Pink)

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The LORMAY Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Set is terrific for cleaning makeup brushes! It's not only a big help to keep your brushes clean, but the design of these mats are created to suction right to the sink and allow for easy scrubbing of the brush's head, getting every bit of color out without causing a giant mess on your hands and gets each piece of the brush so you don't miss any part. This set I have here is actually just one that LORMAY sells as they have so many other beauty tools and cleaning mat sets in many colors you can choose from. However, the pink is just my favorite color!

In this set, you get three different types. Each of these different shaped mats is created with different shaped grooved pieces from fine to thick, allowing for a really nice clean to all brushes, any type you use on a normal basis. I do love the apple shape in this set and the rounded mini apple style and mitten style brush cleaner as it's small but have just the same amount of cleaning power. If you ever wanted a simple way to clean your makeup brushes and all of your different size brushes and design, well this is one of the nices sets to own! Plus, it's super easy to use and fits either in the sink or can be held while cleaning.
The one piece in this set, the mitten style cleaner can be worn like a glove.  Allowing you to be able to move your makeup brushes over the top and scrub off the makeup with soap and water. That's all you need to do and the same with the other two mats, just move the makeup brush on top, over the grooves to clean with water and soap. Plus, the added gift a silicone makeup brush, which is so much easier to apply makeup and clean off verse bristles. However, with this entire cleaning set, any brush is simple to clean! 

Finally, this is a wonderful set It's super simple and they all work wonderfully cleaning the brush and keeping it ready to be used again. I love the three designs, sizes, and grooved pieces. Every piece in this set works great and can travel with you or be used at home. It's something that should be purchased with every new set of brushes, since having a makeup brush can be a bit messy to clean, but with this set of 3 beautiful brush cleaning mats, there are no problems!
Product Information:
  • Made of environment-friendly silica gel, soft, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • Easy to use with the strong suckers, sets free your hands.
  • Applicable to different-size sinks. Apple-shaped mats are suitable for use at home, and brush egg for use during your journey.
  • Apple-shaped mats have 7 cleaning areas, suitable for a thorough cleaning for various cosmetic brushes.
  • Brush egg has 2 cleaning areas. The grooved area for large brushes, small nubs for small brushes.

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