Nov 27, 2017

KOMIWOO 8 Pack Pompom maker, 4 Sizes Pom Pom Maker Set for Fluff Ball Waver Needle Craft DIY Wool Yarn Crochet Knitting Craft Tool Kit Decoration

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I have always loved to create pompoms for decoration and additional accessories. However, it can be a bit tough to get the right size like a small or larger pompom if you are doing it by hand. Plus, an even amount of yarn throughout each, can be tricky as well. Therefore, to get those even pompom balls or have the different sizes you want for a project, well here is something that is really gonna help! The KOMIWOO 4 Size PomPom Maker is a terrific product to create a perfect round, fluffy balls. They make them so evenly and the right size as there are 4 sizes to choose from.
In this set, you do have the 4 sizes, but 8 total pompom ball makers. Therefore, you can have a friend work with you and create pompoms at the same time. The set is a colorful one, with each pompom maker of the different sizes, are color coded. Of course, what I do find these to be the best at is the simple and easy setup as well as the process to create a perfect pompom on each one. The largest is easier to see everything but takes more yarn as you need to wrap more. However, everyone in this set makes a very cute pompom and can simply be created with the wrapping of yarn.

All you need to do is begin wrapping on both sides and end with the one piece to secure the yarn. It's very simple to understand and works similar to the hand method, but you know how much yarn to spin around to get a full, fluffy ball with the right tool, just like the
KOMIWOO Pompom Maker. I think the best part is that this can be used to add decor, possibly red, white, and green balls for the Christmas tree or a wreath for the door. Plus, there is Valentines, which red, white and pink can decorate the house with fun pompom decorations, even for all holidays, and just for adding to your handbag or another accessory. It really can be used for so much in so many ways, especially gift creating!

Finally, this is a wonderful set of pompom makers, you get so many for a low price! They really make creating a perfect fluffy ball so much easier. So if you want to finally and successfully get those right pompom balls, well definitely check this set-out! I feel it's well worth the price and can make a gift for those who love to craft.
Product Information:

  • EASY TO USE: Just need some yarn and one sharp scissors. Wrap the yarn around the two arms of pompom makers evenly, push the arms back after finishing winding, cut all around the center, and tie these fibers with a string. It only takes 10 minutes or less after you master. You can search "detailed pompom maker instructions" on google or buying, or find "pompom maker" on youtube.
  • FOUR SIZE CHOOSE: Four different sizes(Diameter): 1.4", 1.8", 2.5", and 3.4". You can this small one to practice so as to avoid wasting your yarn or wool.
  • MATERIAL: These makers are made of durable ABS resin and POM resin, are easy to open and close. The arms are smooth, will not get the yarn stuck.
  • MUCH FUN: Good for kids and adults DIY the fluff ball, more save time. Everyone can be easy to make pom poms and can create infinite interesting works.
  • QUANTITY: Packages comes with 8 makers, 2 yellow(1.4"), 2 blue(1.8"), 2 pink(2.5"), and 2 green(3.4"), enough for your making pom poms.

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