Nov 21, 2017

Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lettering By Virginia Lucas Hart

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Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids can be an easy way for anyone to learn calligraphy and a fun way! The book is very nicely designed and really attractive with its front cover. That is what really grabbed my attention. Of course, what is interesting about this book is that this will help you learn calligraphy and do it right! Since to learn this type of writing can be tricky if you're starting out, especially for children. However, this book has changed my opinion of its difficulty by making those letters and words flow with ease, just by practice and following each step.

The guidance inside is perfect for a beginner or child starting out. It's not difficult to understand, made simple enough for children to grasp the concept and helps you create beautiful lettering. The beginning goes over tools, style, terms and much of the things you'll need to know before engaging in this type of writing. Also, plenty of tips including when to dip your pen back into ink. Of course, there is also some beautiful examples inside and many different writing tools you can use to do calligraphy. 

However, the idea to use a pencil to write out the letters before using the nib of the pen to actually write the letters is one I'd follow. Especially if you are doing this on the final copy and want it to be perfect. Using a pencil to help create the letters can be beneficial! Plus, with just starting out with cursive I'd probably begin with a pencil so I can erase mistakes, which is one helpful benefit. Therefore, you can try perfecting this type of flowing writing over and over again. No matter, the tool you write with, it is awesome that you can use any type of good writing tool to create beautiful flowing letters and words that just catches everyone's attention like it's a beautiful piece of art

Finally, this book really can help one learn calligraphy, especially those starting out! I know for a fact that this is perfect for a child to learn from, but even adults can use this great guide. It's practically a course on calligraphy in a book. There isn't anything left out and it's broken down into simple steps to set up to creating beautiful letters on everything you write on!

Information About The Author:
Virginia Lucas Hart is a calligrapher, illustrator, and designer based in New York City. She earned degrees in English and Studio Art from the University of Virginia and has received formal calligraphy training as a member of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. Virginia teaches modern calligraphy to both adults and children, celebrating the beauty and importance of her students’ individual styles. Virginia’s calligraphy has been featured on NBC’s .The Today Show, in BRIDES and Flutter magazines, and in several online publications. To learn more about Virginia and her work, please visit her website,

Book Information:

  • Age Range: 7 - 10 years
  • Grade Level: 2 - 5
  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Ulysses Press (October 30, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612437222
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612437224
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 0.4 x 7.4 inches

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