Nov 17, 2017

CoolYeah Desk Files Organizer, Detachable Black Metal Mesh Organize for Letter Size A4 and any Documents

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The CoolYeah Desk Files Organizer is not only a great paper organizer and holder, but it is simply a great way to keep pages from documents that are complete, waiting to be completed or stored for later use in an easy place to locate and find. The entire design of the organizer is a mesh metal frame that you completely construct, with easy to follow directions. The organizer stands up with two bottom slots for paper documents, A4 size but can also fit other size pages and even on top you end up with two opened slots to fit larger documents and plenty more pages. Each part is very useful and keeps the desk looking neat, with pages not getting ruined. 
I love that you can even insert journals, bookkeeping books, notebooks, and others right inside the CoolYeah Organizer. It really a perfect desk organizer and great for crafts too! scrapbook pages, card making, envelopes, cardstock, drawing books, and many other pages or books can also fit in this organizer. The design makes it perfect to keep things organized and separated. I love that the put together is very simple and it's not at all flimsy, but extremely durable and really handles well with a number of documents and sheets you place on top. No falling back or collapsing, it really can hold plenty is looks better than having a single pile on the desk. 

Finally, this is a great designed product! Very easy to setup and keeps everything in order. I would highly recommend this for all types of papers, not just for business or school, but projects that you do for arts and crafts. It really can come in handy and with the many slots, there is a place for everything.
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Product Information:

  • STYLISH AND AESTHETIC CONSTRUCTION: The CoolYeah desk organizer is well constructed that showcases it elegant in craftwork, made with mesh metal to deliver strength to ensure great usability of the organizer. It consists 6 moving parts, you can easily detach and assemble the organizer anytime when relocating it to another room or office.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR FILES: This file and mail organizer designed with office need in mind, thanks to its wide compartments, this makes it to fits a standard file horizontally and will keep your desk and office organized.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USES: From keeping your office files compiled or poon your kitchen countertops to desk organizer to keep all your files, mail, papers and desk accessories organized. It’s very versatile, you can add it to any space in your room.
  • KEEP PAPERWORK ORGANIZED: Everything has its place, and this organizer is the ideal storage for bills, mail, paperwork, and files of any kind. Keep them in any colored folder to keep track of your paperwork in one place.
  • EFFICIENT COMPARTMENTS: The Office file organizer will help to keep your desk and workspace clutter-free. It features four compartments that are perfect for any size of folder or file.

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