Nov 25, 2017

Awesome Crafting Deals - Fancy French Style Mannequin Woman's Form, Atari Game System with 105 games and Jewelry Jaw Pliers

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Today I went shopping and found some wonderful deals at the stores today. The first one that caught my eye was this French style woman's body form stand, which I want to use for doll clothing making and as well for jewelry. This was the last one on the shelf and compared to the rest it was such a strong well built designed one. The other two were a little bit bigger and too lightweight for holding down with the fabric being added to it or jewelry placed on it. Plus, it didn't have that beautiful French style pattern on the fabric. Therefore, my love went for theFrench style one and got placed in my cart!
Next, I came upon a few jewelry pliers, but really can't stand the idea of the thin ones, as I wanted a stronger and large one for many different size metal wires. Therefore, the Bead Landing Nylon Jaws, being the only one in that size had won my heart and enters the cart next. 
Lastly, to end the night with some fun and something that keeps me super happy to be alive!
I had to get a game system, well I love the classics, and old games are fun for a flashback to the past. So I saw this great deal on the Atari Flashback 8 Game System. Therefore, it enters my cart and tonight and many other days and nights I'll be playing games of all kinds, with 105 in the system, the fun won't ever stop! Plus, with two joysticks, my family or friends can play along.
Finally, I wish you all my best this holiday season and hope you all have a wonderful one!

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