Nov 16, 2017

Amiclubwear - Staying Warm & Stylish in a Sexy Fashionable Fur Coat

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As the weather gets cooler, it's hard not to put something to keep you cool, to cover your beautiful outfit while going outdoors. Sometimes it feels like what's the point of getting dressed up, just to cover up. However, I was searching around my favorite shop, and found some wonderful faux fur style coats that not only makes you feel warm but also adds to the entire style of the clothing you are wearing. 
The one that stood out to me is the Sexy Taupe Black Long Hair Ombre Faux Fur Coat
It's super soft, has long fur in the style of ombre, going from one color to the next. I find it to be an extra original style that makes putting on a jacket more of an added touch to any of my clothing I'm wearing underneath.

The coat is furry all on the outer side, while the inside is smooth and easy to slip on or off.
This coat doesn't close up with a zipper or buttons, but most of the time it's just needed for the arms, as a short sleeved top can leave the arms open for any cool air to attack! Therefore, this ombre fur coat adds a perfect amount of coverage for my arms, at the right length. It's not too short or too long, but just the right length to keep me from feeling a chill.
I happened to also see this awesome little pouch, a beautiful unicorn pouch known as the Sexy Silver Holographic Unicorn Pouch which is super cute and perfect if you don't want to carry a ton of things with you. The unicorn shape is easy to see and the rainbow style color, due to the silver holographic material really makes it pop! Just holding the unicorn makes me feel like I"m in some type of fantasy land! Imagine if unicorns were real, it would be pretty cool, but for now, holding on too this is just something more interesting and original then a normal handbag. Plus, it's perfect for anything you need on the go and can be even a nice gift for the holidays or birthday.
 Finally, this entire purchase from my favorite shop, is always original and stuff I'd never find anywhere else at sale prices! Plus it has and has everything from sexy to casual in stock and always new clothing coming in daily, that is just dazzling. Though I must say, I'm pretty happy with my purchases! I do hope you check them out as they really supply you with some wonderful clothing in many different styles and sizes!

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