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Uwish Portable Sewing Machine, 2-Speed Double Thread, Multi-function Automatic Thread Rewind Sewing Machine with LED (White and Purple)

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I have always loved to sew and yet, traveling with a large sewing machine can be a bit tedious. It's so much heavier to take it from one room to another and to find a table to fit it, can be difficult. However, that hasn't been a problem when I started using the Uwish Portable Sewing Machine. It's got 2 speeds and easily sews a normal topstitch on the fabric going through. I can easily repair or create something new, especially doll clothing for my dolls.

The Uwish Sewing Machine is equipped with an automatic thread rewinder and allows me to wind up my thread with ease. There is also that helpful light by the needle, which can be handy when working on any type of fabric and trying to insert the thread into the needle.
It's there to help you see everything your doing, which is a plus! Just like the big machine, the small one features similar designs. You really won't notice too much of a difference, just that it works with one stitch and of course, smaller in size.
I find this to be a good fun machine for sewing anywhere and a great beginners machine. Many might want to learn to sew when they are young. Therefore, this can be a great practice sewing machine for that purpose and yet still can end up with a stitched item, perfectly! There are a few additional bobbins of thread and it does work with two threads, bottom, and top. So you really won't have to worry of a stitch coming undone. 

The pedal and power cord are all inserted in the back, bottom part. From there you can plug the machine in and set up the foot pedal to use while sewing. It is perfect length towards the floor and can easily be taken off when not in use. However, if you want to keep it together and use it over and over, well then you don't need to do anything more. Finally, this is such a fun machine! For a portable device that really works well, this is a great one for beginners and fun for children or adults to use.
Product Information:

  • Mini sewing machine is characterized by small and lightweight, help you get rid of big old machine
  • Hand-held sewing machine with 2 adjustable speeds offers double thread and perfect stitch control
  • Pedal switch and push button switch are available. No matter you are the novice or master, you can operate the electric hand-held sewing machine in apple pie orde
  • Top drop-in bobbin ensures easy threading. There are two kinds of bottom line and surface lines, sewing will be more solid
  • With this portable sewing machine, you can sew with all kinds of fabrics easily like silk, denim, PU leather, even works on arts and crafts projects

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