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Perfect Quality Solutions Digital Vernier Caliper IP54 Made of Hardened Stainless Steel by PQS Large LCD Screen-6"/150mm-Auto Off Provides Precision Measurement in Inches and Metric Easy to Read and Use

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The PQS also was known as Perfect Quality Solutions created a wonderful Digital Vernier Caliper. It's created of hard stainless steel, with a large monitor screen to see each number that is being shown. The LCD screen even is nicer as you can see it in rooms without that much light because of the digital light in the back. Making it great to use both inside or outdoors, wherever this may be needed since it's easy to see what the measurement of a specific object really is.

How this works is that you measure an object between the two pieces that move down the ruler. You'll be able to see the digital screen showing exactly what that measurement or size is. So when you put a piece of wood or metal between the tool's measuring piece on the top, you'll see how thick or wide that object is, with exact numbers. You may think that a ruler can help you with this, but sometimes these objects aren't a perfect 3inches thick, maybe 3.25 or 3.15inches. So, it's hard to know exactly and get the real measurement with a regular ruler. Therefore, this tool will the digital monitor will get you the real read every time, right down to the decimal. You also have the choice to view in inches or mm, depending on what you are working with

Another wonderful feature of using this Digital Vernier Caliper is a small little twisty piece on top. This actually allows you to lock in the measurement of the object, before moving it away from the object. For example, let's say you want to make copies of the object, but if you move from a ruler the size of the object can be hard to remember or be exact, might take more work to mark the area, every time. However, with this tool it allows you to keep the marked size and once removed, you can easily copy that same length and width by the saved sized on the caliper, without estimating or having not an accurate reading. Honestly, It's quite a nice feature to have.
Now, the tip of the tool, where you'd measure every object can even be used to check out the exterior length, just by the two tips. Pinpointing accurate measurements and yet, if it's the inside measurements you want, this can be possible too! The top piece allows you to easily measure the inside diameter, which many calipers even digital ones don't include. Also, take a look at the back and you'll notice there is an additional piece that looks like the tail of the caliper. However, it's actually another measuring piece that measures the depth of an object. For example, you can use each of these to find the correct pipe for your sink in your house and many other objects.

Finally, this tool really does come in handy! It's quite useful and has everything you need on one device and tool. You can measure the sizes of one object with precise accuracy, thanks to the PQS Digital Vernier Caliper. I honestly never had such a wonderful tool that can be used even in the water, as it's waterproof and super durable. Honestly, if you want the precise and accurate measurement for home improvements, DIY, and many other crafting projects,
well, this really is a wonderful tool to own and created perfectly!

Product Information:
  • EASIER TO USE than traditional calipers, the Perfect Quality Solutions Digital Caliper gives you quick, exact measurements of pipes and on digital fabrication work from CNC mills and laser cutters.
  • PRECISION MEASUREMENTS in standard inches, metric and decimal fractions. Obtain exact external, internal and depth measurements on our easy-to-read LCD screen. Auto shut-off conserves 3V lithium battery life.
  • HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL with an IP54 rating, it is rust resistant and impervious to dust or water spray from any direction. Thumb roller and locking screw provide easy sliding and accurate positioning.
  • HARDSHELL CARRY CASE with 2 snap-lock closures protects this sensitive measuring device from drops and impacts. This precision tool has accuracy of 0.001” / 0.02mm, with a range of 6” / 150mm.
  • 1 YEAR RISK-FREE GUARANTEE ensures your satisfaction. If our Digital Caliper with LCD Screen does not perform to your expectations, return it for a no-questions-asked refund of your full purchase price.

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