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Mont Marte Paintbrush Holder Multi Organizer Pencils Holder, 96 Holes

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The Mont Marte Paintbrush Holder is like a mini crate with these small but roomy squares, which makes it a perfect product to hold all of my markers, pens, paint brushes and much more! It can even hold my crochet and thin knitting needles with ease. I honestly love the design and the size. It's like having a small square box with many smaller squares and a perfect length between the top and bottom for the perfect long length of a writing or drawing pool.

I honestly love how cute this designed box holder is and it's a clever way to keep all my items in perfect shape and placement. I can easily reach for what I need and not have to suffer searching through a mix of different art tools. Plus, the size of the squares makes it perfect for all types of art tools, which I can lean them on their side or straight up and down. The bottom squares are where the art tools can stand up straight, when placed directly on the top hold, straight down to the bottom. It also allows each tool you are placing inside this holder to keep in their own space and square, leaving less mess and more easy access to the tool you really want to grab.
I just still can't get over it's helpful the separation design really is! It totally comes in handy and even for those with makeup brushes, art tools for nail art or regular artist tools, like paint brushes this can hold them all and easily allow things to dry while not in use. Finally, this is a really awesome paintbrush holder! It does more than I expected and can be a perfect gift idea for all of my friends, no matter if they paint, draw, or color this holder works great for all art tools and keeps things looking very well organized!
Product Information:
  • Keep your drawing markers, colored pencils, pastel pencils, and artist brushes neatly stored and organized
  • Convenient 96 slots design to fits perfectly on your desk
  • Ideal storage art supply to prevent a mess from finding your drawing tools
  • Easy-to-assemble feature enables you to finish the installation work immediately
  • Strong and durable plastic frame keeps it in stable construction and good quality

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