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Crazepony Soldering Station Tool with 7pcs Helping Hands, Third Pana Hand (7 Arms, Non-slip Aluminum Base, Built-in Trays, Heat Resistant covers, 360 Degree Swiveling Clips, Brushless DC Fan)

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Have you ever had that problem where you wish you had an extra hand or a few to hold up something while you work? Well, that happens to me most of the time when working with small DIY projects and repairs I need to make for my electronic devices and wires. So to my surprise, I found this to be an awesome product by Crazepony-RC. It's actually called the Crazepony Soldering Station Tool

The product is actually a personal station for soldering small objects together, something I find perfect for electronic repair and building of small objects. Of course, there are many others out there, but this is the first version I've seen that includes seven arms and can easily be removed from the base. Allowing you the ability to use as many as you like. You'll find having those extra hands to be a blessing especially when they can help you hold an object straight while you work. So, having these extra arms can come in handy, big time! Plus, with the base is made of sturdy and heavy aluminum, which is why it won't tip over, with all the additional weight from the arms and pieces or objects your working with.

You might think this is something for engineers to use on computer pieces, RC vehicles, and many other devices or repairs, but you can also use this for DIY crafting projects. If you work with jewelry making or small metal objects and other crafting hobbies, this can also be used to hold your object and allow you more time to work on it with your mini tools, avoiding the problem of holding it in place while you work or when you work on it. That's also a benefit, you can work on the items you want and step away without having to remove it or fear it will fall out from the position you leave it at. Plus, with the additional USB fan included, it keeps the space able to be cooled off and not be overly heated by the tools working around and on the object your working on.
I think my favorite part is that these 7 arms, is that they are adjustable. Just like a gooseneck lamp, they can bend and move any which way. It makes working on a project kept in a position so much easier, and no need to hold it myself! The little ends with the alligator clips are nice and strong, holding anything with a nice grip. You can easily open them up like a regular clip and allow it to hold tight onto your piece or object and now let it roll all around.

Finally, this is a wonderful soldering station! It is great to use while working on all sorts of products, hobbies, DIYs, crafts, RCs and many other things. It really is a great station with a strong and durable design that is worth the purchase! Also, it comes in three colors, different base colors that you can choose from. So if you need a nice station to work with all your little items, try this one, the Crazepony Soldering Station Tool you will be very happy you did.
Product Information:
  • Heavy Sturdy Aluminum Base - Φ133mm x H14mm Aluminum alloy base, with transparent soft rubber pad. No worry for tipping over even with a heavy project.
  • No sliding - with six transparent soft rubber pad, keep the helping had soldering station from sliding around on your bench.
  • 7 Adjustable Flexible Universal Arms - 295mm Six flexible helping hands, Universal joint pipe, easily positioned where you want them. Eliminates the frustration of traditional helping hands.
  • 360 Degrees Rotated Alligator Clips - alligator clamps can be rotated 360 degrees than "locked" into place with knurled thumb nuts
  • Universal- Perfect for computer boards/ jewelry makers/ arts crafts hobbyists, it can be used universally.

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