Sep 27, 2017

Scanner Bin - the Clever Document Scanning Solution

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Have you ever had a problem capturing with your phone a scan of a photo or document, to have it come out blurry or with a glare of too much light blocking part of the words or image?
I know that this is one difficulty I have most of the time. It's hard to catch a perfect picture sometimes, also depending on the page or the room you might be in. However, this isn't a problem no more! I've found this wonderful box design object that really does a great job keeping the image of the item I want to be scanned with my phone positioned perfectly.

The product is called the Scanner Bin and it's quite like a white box, which is also perfect for capturing photos of an item without a busy background of other objects. This bin is a simple design and super easy to use. You just insert the object inside the bin, place the camera right on top and begin to press the capture button to take the photo. It's that easy. The walls keep the light from bouncing around or any other glares from entering the box. Plus, you don't even need the additional light, it can be easy to take the image without a flash. Also, it works with all different scanning apps, which is another bonus. You also have the right size fit for each normal size page of a document to be scanned, without it getting bent out-of-place due to the size of the bin.  
One thing that makes this even nicer is that you can take it everywhere you go. It's got a folding feature, which is awesome! So this box isn't gonna take up much space when you can fold it down to travel or store it away. Then once ready to use, it folds back up into the bin or box design and you can begin capturing all different documents and photos you like.  However, you can keep it in the bin shape it becomes after setup, then begin using it to hold documents that you want to put to the side for scanning later or store. It's really a two in one. Plus, the Scanner Bin comes with a flat sheet, which really is useful to keep sheets you are inserting inside to be placed still and in perfect alignment, for a perfect scan with your phone.

Also, with the size and dimensions of the Scanner Bin, there is enough room to get larger and thicker documents, which means it can do more than just flat pages. No more carrying the handheld wand scanners or using a flatbed scanner, since this works just fine for all different pages and documents and can save you so much more in the long run! Finally, this is quite an invention and a really good one at that! I love to scan and now I can do it often with perfection, all thanks to Scanner Bin

Video of Scanner Bin:

Product Information:
  • Throw away your filing cabinets and flatbed scanners! Scanning a document has never been this easy.
  • Use as a smartphone stand for scanning and to store documents. No need for the additional light source (designed for use with smartphone flash).
  • A specially-designed transparent Flat Sheet is provided to flatten paper, like receipts and letters.
  • Compare to all other scanning stands - it's the lowest cost option that solves all the issues with smartphone scanning.
  • Use with popular free or premium document scanning apps like CamScanner, Scanbot, and Scannable (by Evernote).

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