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PrettyCare Beauty and Home Goods - Blackhead and Pimple Kit, Nail Clipper Kit and Kitchen Shears with Magnetic Holder

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The PrettyCare Blackhead and Pimple Remover Kit is perfect for removing white heads and blackheads with ease, leaving less of a mark or scar on the face. Instead, the tools help extract each nasty impurity that you don't want to see on your face. I love that it's made of stainless steel and very well designed for easy handling. There will be no sliding fingers while extracting those pesky and nasty black heads or whiteheads. So it's simple to get them out of the pores and keep the skin from scaring up.

The set includes 7 different tools, each very well made to leave less of a mess and disaster on the skin and perfect for all sizes of blackheads or whiteheads. It's also created to not cause any irritation from the use of the tools against the skin. You can really do so much with these 7 tools and easily keep the skin looking gorgeous without using your fingers or any other objects that may cause horrible scarring. One thing I do like is that the tools are also made to last and won't corrode or rust. Plus, it's safe to use on the skin again and again, and of course, a great way to clear the skin up!
Finally,  this is a wonderful kit, comes with so many different tools to remove and grab those blackheads or whiteheads from the pores. Plus, a beautiful mirror and carry case is included! It's Just a terrific product in one lovely set.

Product Information:

  • High-end Design: The PrettyCare kit is made of Dermatologist-Grade Surgical Steel with an advanced antibacterial coating to prevent corrosion and infection, cleaning skin neatly and safely. Recommended to wipe all tools with alcohol before and after usage
  • Portable Mirror: PrettyCare Complimentary portable magnifying mirror facilitates you in finding and removing blackheads very quickly and accurately. The Ergonomic non-slip handles help in controlling the pressure, thus avoiding skin damage.
  • Bend-Curved Tweezers: the unique bend curved tweezers can easily remove blackheads/whiteheads or pus due to its special thin clips. It protects from any sensitivity issues and works perfectly on all skin types.
  • Functionality: PrettyCare beauty tools help to finish blackheads, blemishes, acne, pimples, zits, and whiteheads without any dangerous surgery. Moreover, it keeps your face neat and smooth without getting treated in beauty salons
  • Unique Packaging: PrettyCare Beauty tools are packed in a high-quality PU bag which makes it perfect for traveling or even storing it in a wallet or handbag. The tools are completely protected, clean and conveniently packed for you.
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The PrettyCare Nail and Toenail Clippers Set is perfect for all types of nails. Especially for those ingrown, thick and pesky hangnails! The set includes two different types of clippers. One for the thick nails that are hard to remove with any type of clipper and another for regular nails. Unlike many kits, this one includes an awesome hand held clipper that is easier for most to cut those hangnails and get some ingrown nails on the side. The spring action is very effective, leaving you with less need to use pressure with the tool to cut each nail or extra callused skin. I love that there is a stainless steel nail file and pick, bonus and awesome addition.

The file is another perfect tool for removing the dirt from under the nails on your hands or feet. Plus the file allows you to smooth each nails perfectly and chip free! The two clippers that are in the set, one being stronger for toes and another for the finger nails, they do a great job removing hangnails and cutting the length or any ruined nail at ease. So it's really great to have a nice set of nails in perfect shape and this set can help you achieve that! The stainless steel avoids rusting or any other corrosion that may happen to other metals and nail sets. 
You also have that nice case to keep every piece together and makes it travel-friendly, to take with you anywhere. I love that the set of tools are very easy to clean, doesn't rust and strong enough to remove every nasty hangnail and chipped nail at ease. It really is created for every nail and issue that may occur when those nails are growing out. Finally, I really love the 4 pcs that are included and the lovely case that keeps the separated and organized. It's a really nice set and has a perfect design that allows for easy handling and long lasting use!

Product Information:

  • Durable Quality: Manufactured with high quality 420 stainless steel, the Prettycare Manicure Pedicure set is rust resistant and will stand up to any corrosion and wear. The robust structure ensures long life and beautifully manicured nails.
  • Easy Handling: With exceptional ergonomic design, the Prettycare nail clippers are easy to hold and operate for flawless, precise trimming of your nails without any fumbling.
  • A Clean Clip Every Time: Special technology has produced razor-sharp and rock-hard clipper blades that effortlessly snip your nails, and promotes excellent nail hygiene, giving you perfect edges without discomfort.
  • A Tool For Every Job: This handy kit is a nail salon in the palm of your hand. Large toenail clippers, a smaller fingernail clipper for more delicate work, a cuticle nipper to keep your nails tidy and bacteria free and a nail file for the final finish.
  • Beautiful Design: An exacting fabrication process gives you exquisite embossing and superior coating with every piece in your Prettycare kit. All nail care tools are kept in an attractive synthetic leather case.

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The PrettyCare Kitchen Shears with Magnetic Holder is perfect for cutting and slicing so many different foods in the kitchen or even the rest of the house! It's made to be placed on the fridge, in plain view, so you know where to find it since there is a magnetic holder included. The Sheers in this set is a set of two, which one is perfect for chopping and shredded herbs and other foods, while the regular scissor is made to cut, open and even peel all the other foods in the kitchen. With the strong Steel design on both, they can last and be used to cut through some tough foods, which many other scissors may fall short at.

I love that the handles are very comfortable to hold between the fingers and don't need too much pressure or weight on the hand. Also, they are very durable and can take on tons of food without becoming dull so fast. However, that is just what I feel when I am using them. For example, I can easily break nut shells, which I enjoy the best! Plus, the ability to open bottles, peeling fruit, working on cutting small bones and many other! This set really does a wonderful job in the kitchen! Plus, they are long lasting and you get both, not just one but two products that will work for all different purposes, saving you the time of opening or cutting things. It's quite a time saver, very easy to use and just a wonderful way to prepare food!
Finally, this is a wonderful set and very easy to use. Also, for one price and a nice quality set, I think it's totally worth it and saves me money from buying another set to cut herbs or separate tools to open bottle caps and cut bones or veggies in my home.

Product Information:
  • Excellent Multiple Functions: The PrettyCare shears and scissor are outfitted with 7 unique functions. They are perfect as Fruit and Vegetable Peeler, Serrated Knife, Straight Knife, Screwdriver, Nut and Shell Cracker, Fish Scale, and Bottle Opener.
  • Excellent Design: Our contoured grips allow you to cut safely and securely. Rotating 90 degrees separates the blade to let you scrape scales, peel fruit, or to cut cheese. This feature also allows for easy cleaning and better tool hygiene.
  • Excellent Quality: The PrettyCare scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel up to 0.11inches in width. The durable non-slip handle contours to your palm, extending the amount of time that you can use it comfortably.
  • Excellent Partner:  The PrettyCare herb scissor makes work in the kitchen easier and more efficient, allowing you to effectively cut spices, pasta, ham, cheese, and mushrooms. The grip is lined with a soft material and the cover is designed for cleaning and storage.
  • Excellent Storage: Our magnetic holder can be placed on any magnetic surface such as a fridge door. It can be easily found for convenient use. It also helps keep the tool out of reach of children.

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