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Linxtech Magnetic Drawing Board Toy Erasable Colorful Drawing Board

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Children love to doodle, I know I did when I was young. It's fun to have something full of color and cute cartoon design in your hands. That is why the Linxtech Magnetic Drawing Board is one of those fun doodle boards you can take with you for your kids on a road trip, vacation, or even while going to the grocery store. This board is super adorable and can be used anywhere, like outdoors or inside a home. 

There are plenty of different Linxtech Doodle Boards to choose from, which makes it great when selecting a favorite color or animal theme. They all work the same as the one I have here.
Each includes that bottom piece that erases the board instantly, after moving it to one side, either left or right. The pen that is included is attached with a little rope. So there is no fear you'll ever misplace or lose it. There is a few larger and smaller size, but with the large ones you get additional pieces you can play with and use to doodle. 
I think my favorite is that this is a board of doodling fun. You pretty much will never have an ending toy, which can be used over and over. No electronic attachments or additional power source needed. This is 100% all human powered. Finally, this is such a wonderful board and comes with such nice framing and durable exterior for those who play a bit hard. Plus, it's just an enjoyable way to be creative!
Product Information:

  • Health Safety: Durable body built to take a bash and a battering. Made of nontoxic, dust-free, ABS plastic.
  • Multi-Purpose: Drawing, writing and playing games on the erasable sketch board using the attached stylus to help your children develop creativity and practice coordination.
  • Multi-Color: The screen displays 4 bold and vivid colors (green, blue, yellow, red) in 4 color zones.
  • Easy to Erase: The slider eraser is very effective at removing the drawings. A simply step swipe back and forth the erase slider will wipe out all doodles.
  • Guaranteed: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (caused by non-artificial breakdown)

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