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Tenergy Classic LED Desk Lamp With Built-in Battery for Portable Use, Adjustable Brightness, 3 Preset Light Color Temperature, 40-Minute Auto-off Timer

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If you are looking for a realistic lamp that looks like one in design and style, to fit a table or desk, well this one here is perfect! The Tenergy Classic LED Desk Lamp is designed like a real desk lamp, but no bulbs or a need for a regular cord to be plugged into the wall. Instead, you can take this anyplace and charge it up with a USB cord. So other than having it beside a computer or on a desk all of the time. Instead, you can use this lamp any place and it's all due to the rechargeable battery. It actually charges up while plugged in and afterward allows you 2-8 hours of battery power per charge, to take even outdoors if you need a light there. 
There are three settings for this lamp, so it's actually like having one that is with a light changing switch. You can go from white light, another style of white, and finally super orange or yellowish light. However, none of the lights won't have any effect or causes any problems with your eyes while glancing at them. So you can look at it all you want and not have to worry about the light damaging or blinding you. Also, talking about the LED light inside, the other benefit of this lamp, no bulbs to change or replace. It saves you there and already being a low priced item, you can have it for a long time as LED lights last longer and don't heat up or cause any type of problem.  

Finally, you can do so much with this lamp and use it anyplace. I love the design and such a great goose style neck that you easily bring towards or as far away from the page you're reading or working on. Also, with the 40-minute timer, you can have it set to turn off automatically, without worrying or forgetting if you happen to be reading and fall asleep or for any reason at all! It really is a wonderful lamp and so easy to use, perfect for anyone who needs a portable, stylish lamp!
Product Information:
  • Superior quality, comfortable and non-flickering light for stress free productivity and reading. Better for your eyes.
  • Classic lamp shade design that will bring sophistication to your rooms.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides 2-8 hours* of cordless portable battery usage per charge. *2 hr runtime for the brightest setting.
  • Flexible gooseneck lets you easily direct the light to any direction you need.
  • 40-minute timer button will automatically shut off the light if you forget or don’t want to get up to turn it off.
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