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Flashmen 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna Indoor TV Antenna for Digital TV with Detachable Amplifier Singnal Booster, 6.6 ft Cord & 10 ft Extension Coaxial Cord USB Power Supply (2017 Upgraded Version)

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The Flashmen Indoor HDTV Antenna makes receiving free tv easy! There is the chance of getting more or fewer channels depending on your location, but after you do a search on the TV, there should be a few to appear on the TV for access. The design of this antenna allows for shows to be found in a 50 miles distance. So you have plenty of chances to get many different channels around you. 
I like that the white is very easy to tell but works with my room I'm using it in. However, there are a few other options, transparent and black to choose from. Each of this actually attaches with an adhesive piece so you don't have to hold it up or try to stand it up. The antenna plugs right into the TV and all you need to do is search on your TV to start getting some free shows located around you. I had one in the past, but this version has shows that come in so much clearer and an option of the color verse just black is really nice too! The HD is a nice touch, as there are many original ones that don't include this. Plus, the ability to move the antenna to get a better signal is also a nice feature!

Finally, this is very easy to setup and use. It's simple to put together and start finding those free TV shows. I love the color option and the HD power. It's got everything you need, just supply a working TV and you're ready to go!
Product Information:
  • Innovative flat, thin and starched design HDTV antenna for receiving digital over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts from all your local television stations. Make it possible to get local channels in crystal clear quality free! No longer need to pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees!
  • 50-100 miles long range access, multi-directional high gain and low error rate digital TV signal reception. Increase the reception of tv programs, and eliminate the pause the mosaic images.
  • Detachable Amplifier for getting the best reception and steady HD signal & Extra long extension cable for better routing & USB power supply, just plug into you TV or digital converter box
  • 3 steps, fast and easy to set up, plug in, find the best position and scan channels. Done!
  • You can stick it on the wall, on the table or on the window(we strongly recommend) and it will make you enjoy watching crystal clear digital HD shows with many options. 30 DAY BACK MONEY GUARANTEE & NO REASON EXCHANGE – 12 MONTH WARRANTY

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