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CELEWELL - CR2032 3V Lithium Battery 230mAh Exp 2020 CR 2032 Coin Cell

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CELEWELL supplies a wonderful set of 100 Lithium Cell Batteries that really do work at a lower price for so many! Everything I own,  I always can use cell batteries! I have plenty of old electronics that don't run on regular double or triple A  batteries,  and many of my new gadgets need those flat cells as well! For example, I have a fan that uses a mini remote which is a nice convenience to turn on and off from my bed verse getting up and going from one side to the next, just to turn the fan on or change the setting. Therefore, the remote comes in handy, but having a battery to fit this tiny remote, well it needs a flat cell battery just like the ones I got from CELEWELL. 
These batteries I have here are known as the CELEWELL Cr2032 3V Lithium Battery, they are the normal coin cell with just the right amount of energy to power up my devices instantly! Each cell is similar and easy can be inserted in so many devices to be used. There are no worries of these batteries leaking or causing damage where ever you store them or inserted them into. Plus, they work in pretty much all different devices, which can be really helpful! However, many of these batteries, cell style batteries are very expensive and can cost so much to keep your devices charged. However, if you want a great way to buy many of these for your devices, well buy in bulk and when you can get them with a bigger deal than buying one or two at the store near by! This actually will save so much money and they sell them as low as 10pcs all the way to 100, which is an awesome low price for 100!

If you really want to make sure that the LED lights, the remote for your devices, an organizer, or toy you have will work at its fullest potential then get the best! These are not only inexpensive, but the CELEWELL has a strong charge for all devices of any size and shape! That is why I am so happy to have received these and get to finally power up my old and new devices that needed a really good cell battery!
Product Information:

  • REAL 230mAh HIGH CAPACITY -- With the best material on the market, CELEWELL manufactures high quality and long life span CR2032 3V Lithium batteries so as to build a top brand.
  • SAFETY, LEAK FREE -- ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UN38.3 safety certificates passed. No leakage in 3 years valid period ( Manufacture date and expiry date are printed on the card ). Safer and longer shelf life than most of other brand batteries.
  • RETAIL PACKAGE, WHOLESALE PRICE -- 5pcs well sealed in a card at competitive factory wholesale price. Unlike bulk in tray package, each battery is separated to avoid + and - short circuit problem.
  • MULTIPLE COMPATIBILITY -- Equivalent to other brand models, like DL2032 BR2032 CR2032E ECR2032 KL2032 L2032 CR2032 CR 2032 and more 3V Lithium batteries (Because 2032 indicates battery dimensions diameter 20mm and height 3.2mm).
  • APPLICABLE DEVICES -- Ideal for LED tea lights, flashlight,TV or car remote control, key fob, watch, electric flameless candles, headlamp, auto keyless entry, garage door opener, desktop computer motherboard, CMOS, pram, 3D TV glasses, dogs shock collars, weight or bathroom or kitchen food digital scale battery and more!
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