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AKLOT Ukulele Solid Mahogany 23 Inch Concert Ukelele With Free Online Course 8 Packs Beginner Starter Kit ( Gig Bag Picks Tuner Strap String Cleaning Cloth Instruction Book Gift Box )

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The AKLOT Ukulele I have just received is a 23-inch concert ukulele with everything a beginner will need to practice and learn with. You have a bag to keep the ukulele safe and also a great way to travel or take it with you on the go. There are picks for use or you can use your own finger as well. The kit also includes a tuner, which really comes in handy and so easy to use Plus, with this kit you also get a beginners lesson course book also included and online course also for FREE!

I really think anyone interested in an instrument, may really find this to be quite enjoyable. Especially, if you are looking for something similar to a guitar and really just love the cute small size of a ukulele, like me! The AKLOT Ukulele I did get is designed just like a miniature ukulele with a mahogany color, 4 strings and there are extra included in the kit, and of course, the copper gear tuners on top are an additional nice touch and benefit you as a player, since they stay in tune longer One thing that I really don't mind is tuning every time I have to play, it happens the instrument will get out of tune. However, with the battery powered tuner included, it is easy to get it back to the right letters, G, C, E, and A.
Also, for the size, I love that it is much easier for children and even adults to take with them while traveling and light to hold. It doesn't take up much space and weighs barely anything. It's easily able to be held up and played or even while sitting down The best part is that it's a great beginner instrument for those starting out. When I wanted to play guitar, my fear is not understanding or being able to play the strings correctly. However, with a ukulele such as this one, I can easily learn how to play all 4 strings and know how to place my hands for each song. Thanks to the lessons, which are included. Of course, practice makes perfect and there's nothing better than a kit that gives you the course to get you started!

Finally, this is not only a great instrument, ready for you to learn once it arrives but also an excellent kit that can be gifted. It really has everything a beginner will need and doesn't cost extra. So instead of buying just the instrument, you get it all accessories and lessons included! So in my opinion, this is a very nice brand and an excellent kit!
Product Information:

  • Solid Mahogany Soundboard with Rounded Edge (only solid wood can be rounded): This Ukulele has Outstanding Resonance and Sustain; Comfortable to Hold.
  • Advanced Tuner: 1:18 Pure Copper Gear (rather than poor quality brass-plated zinc alloy); Finer and More Stable Tuning; Ensures the Ukulele the Best Intonation, Stays in Tune for Longer Times.
  • Super Ukulele: Lower Action for Easy Play without Buzzing; Special Fret Wire to avoid Scratching; Aquila Strings to create a Full Sound; Strengthened Neck and Soundboard to ensure Quality and Durability.
  • QuickStart: Online Ukulele Lessons + Ukulele Instruction Booklet for Beginners for a 30-minute QuickStart
  • 10 in 1: Full Set of Essential Accessories for Ukulele Beginners to begin Practice Immediately; Excellent as a Gift.
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