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TwentyFour-Ten Magnetic Ball|Cube|Puzzle|Sphere, For Intellectual Development, Creativity and Stress Relief, Set of 216, 5mm Highly Magnetic Beads

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The TwentyFour-Ten Magnetic Ball Puzzle Set is really a perfect toy for everyone! It can be used for scientific engineering, fun project lessons, building all types of designs and even just for fun or to pass the time. I really find that these are great for using in some fun creative science projects. Plus, when I'm bored it's fun to see what I can build with these magnets because of their super strong pull, they really stay together with ease and don't fall apart easily. You really have to pull them off each other and far away from each or they'll collect together quickly! Now for the set, you get plenty for creating some cool designs and building what you like or heart desires! They pretty much make a great small figure or statue due to the 5mm. Of course, you can always buy more and just build up as huge or small of a design you like! Though one set is very nice for anyone to enjoy. 
Now to explain the set a bit,  you get here 216, 5mm round ball style beads. They are created with 3 layers of plating and a strong magnetism that will allow you to have a strong hold and pull off anything like screws, pins and much more! The exterior of these beads is made to prevent rusting and corrosion, allowing you a long and fun time of use. There is also that glossy finish that makes them shine and look delightful. The size of them and amount don't really make them too much for one to travel with or worry about the weight. They aren't too heavy and can easily be taken along on any vacation or just to room to room. Of course, don't play them near electronic devices like a computer or phone, but definitely, these will be wonderful to play anywhere!

Finally, children or adults, these are worth purchasing! It can be used as a gift or for even a classroom, with all the great projects you can create with these. Think of this set as an endless toy set that allows you or your children to be creative since the fun will never end and can be used over and over. You basically won't get bored as there are so many possibilities and the quality is outstanding as they hold tight and don't let go! 
The TwentyFour-Ten Magnetic Balls are absolutely super strong magnets and are safe for children 8 to adults, making them a wonderful set to own. Also, due to the size, make sure to keep an eye on them with young kids.

Product Information:

  • RELIEVES STRESS AND PRESSURE OF WORK – Effectively Stimulate the Left and Right Brain
  • IMPROVES IMAGINATION - Countless Combinations, Endless Fun
  • 3 LAYER PLATING AND STRONG MAGNETISM – Prevents Rust and Corrosion, Glossy Finish
  • SMALL PARTS - Recommended Age 8 years and Older

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