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Little Bado Toy Pots and Pans Play Kitchen Set

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The Little Bado Toy Pots and Pans Play Kitchen Set is just wonderful! You have here an adorable set of strong, durable material that is non-toxic and comes in the form of utensils, dishes, pots, pans, cups, and even the holder which is the dish drainer. These items won't break while dropping it or if your child has a heavy hand. These pretend sets by Little Bado are meant to last and even if left outdoors in the sunlight. The colors don't fade and they are beautiful in color, so bold in color and very colorful. Each piece works together in this set and can add to any child's playroom or outdoor play house.
Now your child can pretend to serve up the grilled or delicious food from their play kitchen to these dishes. Just like tea time with the kids, this can make it even fun to add realistic dishes to the table. Plus, for pretend cooking you have those wonderful pans and pots to heat up soup, boiled eggs or any other food your child wants to create inside. It's really a beautiful set and the quality is well worth the price! Also, this allows them to bring out their imagination and create delicious meals and you can play right along. 

You are getting 28pcs which will last a long long time and they are tested to prove that there will be no breakage or damage from drops, even from 3 floors. I think if you want something for a child it's always good to get something that will last and be worth every cent! This kitchen set is just that! Finally, with a wonderful dish drainer to hold the set, something I never saw in a set like this, which is pretty neat and all the wonderful pots, pans, utensils and cups you get, it is well worth the low price and could make a perfect gift for a child or even yours!
Product Information:
  • Plastic toy kitchen set, protect your kids completely from the hurt of metal kitchenware.
  • Material: pure ABS and PP materials, have no chemical smells, and if you store at room out of direct sunlight after 3 years the colors are still bright and playful.
  • Color: 7 colors and all the 7 colors pass the color test, it’s a safety kitchen set toy for toddlers kids to use.
  • Package: the rack is sturdy enough that you can drop this rack from 3 floors (about 10 meters) but nothing and all pieces can be put neatly away in this solid use case easily.
  • Pieces:28 pieces, a variety of pieces for kids both to play without fighting over who's got what.

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