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Lescolton One Step Dryer & Styler Hot Air Paddle Brush | Negative Ion Generator Hair Straightener For All Hair Types | Eliminate Frizzing, Tangled Hair & Knots, Promote Healthy & Shiny Hair Locks

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Sometimes, hair can be fun to style and create new looks, but it gets frustrating when you have not much time to get ready n the morning or any time of the day! When you normally have to shower there is always much you need to do to get your hair ready. You need the time to dry your hair after a shower, and next, straighten or curl it. However, when you can shorten the tasks to style your hair by using a dryer and brush all in one, then it's something that must be tried! That is why I am so pleased to have found this new innovative way to blow dry and style one's hair, which is known as the Lescolton One Step Dryer and Styler Hot Air Paddle Brush

This is actually a dryer and a straightener in one. It works great and removes two steps, well three if you want to count straighten your hair and curling it since you can with this device! Since you can now use this brush to blow dry your hair, the paddle brush part that allows you to evenly dry each strand and smooth out the frizzies and tangles in each part. Afterward, you can get it as straight or curl it as you like by simple brush stroke and techniques, without picking up another tool. Afterward, you get a more natural curling or straight look, without frizzies! The Lescolton Paddle Brush is unlike those new paddle brushes that iron your hair straight, with heat and it works great, though the size can be a bit strange, this version allows you to dry your hair and straighten with a smaller brush style design. It's not huge or heavy to hold and has a long handle that allows you to reach every inch of your head and hair. The bristles are similar to a regular detangling brush and with a flexible cord, you can easily move anywhere and not get stuck!
Blow Dryer + Brush = Beautiful Hair Fast!
Also, at the bottom is this nice pink piece that rotates, which allows you to choose the right setting for your hair. It's very easy to adjust and isn't anywhere in the way or out of reach. The size I think is excellent and it's just a wonderful design, with so many functions for perfect hair!
That is why, I feel so much joy using this product, it's fun and I just love how fast it is to get everything done! It was awesome when they came out with a brush that irons your hair naturally straight, frizz free and added shine, but now it just got better! The Lescolton Brush is terrific! It makes getting my hair ready easier and requires fewer tools to use or need to buy! The dryer part works similar to a regular dryer and provides that straighten effect you get with a brush and iron together. Finally, with a brush, dryer, and way to style one's hair, this is a fast way to get out the door and look your best, salon best every single day!
Product Information:

  • ENJOY SUPER SHINY and LUXURIANT HAIR: Fed up with expensive styling products and infective hair straighteners? Is so, then this one step dryer and styler air paddle brush is the way to go. From the very 1st use, feel your hair smooth, healthy and super soft. Enhance the shiny effect effortlessly without damaging your hair locks.
  • 1 BRUSH MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: This one step electric hair brush is not an ordinary brush. It was designed to satisfy even your most demanding needs. Use it as a hair styler, volumize your locks, make your hair curly or wavy and straighten it of course. Perfect for dry as well as wet hair. Minimize hair styling time, starting from today.
  • REDUCE FRIZZING and DETANGLING: Put a stop to the never ending detangling and knotty hair nightmare once and for all. Reduce fly away, frizzy hair, and static! Get the dreamy and tamed hair you have always wanted. No more pain from detangling your hair. No more weak roots. No more brittle strands and split ends!
  • GOES EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Being compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use, this ionic hair brush travels with you. Ideal for home use, traveling, holidays, and even the office. The tangle free and long swivel cord facilitates its use to the fullest. Fits in your backpack, travel suitcase, purse, and even gym bag.
  • ERGONOMIC and SAFE GRIP HANDLE: All of our hot air paddle brushes have a clever brush head that can be used for massaging as well. The handle is large and comfy to hold. By emitting ions into your hair, this paddle brush makes your hair shiny, glossy, frizz-free, and manageable. Great for men, women, and teens!

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