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Lenmo LED UV Nail Dryer Portable Foldable Rainbow Shaped Nail Dryer

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Have you ever used gel polish and tried to cure it with a mini LED lamp, but ended up struggling to get the entire hand underneath the light for an even dry? Well, that can all change, thanks to the Lenmo LED UV Nail Dryer. It is a portable gel curing lamp with a rainbow shape design. The rainbow arch shape comes with a few legs, which can be pushed back or left out so you can allow the nail dryer to stand up on the desk or table, which you may be using while drying. Plus, the height of the stand is high enough to allow you to insert the entire hand to dry the nails evenly, making the entire process faster! Also, the arch allows you to remove the legs, pushing them back and allowing you to hold this little device to cure each nail up close, with a better view. Also, since its light weight, it will not cause you to feel tired to hold it and dry each hand. 
The ones I've tried before were great, worked and were small enough to take anyplace, even in another part of my house. However, the design made it hard to do my entire hand, it probably allowed me two or three fingers at a time. However, it was uncomfortable to actually get my hand evenly dried and took too much time. Therefore, I went with regular polish or bought those instant gel polish brands, which don't need any type of light. Plus, using a few dollars, I would just go to the salon, if I was really desperate for a gel manicure.

Of course, now I can take out my gel polish and begin to dry with real gel polish again! The Lenmo LED UV Nail Dryer makes it so much faster and easier for me to wear the colors I own and feel like I got my nails done at a salon! The low power consumption and still provides quick drying with the UV and LED combo. It's also cool that you can play on the computer or read an e-book and still dry your nails since it's powered with a USB power cord. Finally, if you love doing your own nails with gel, then you should try this beautiful device! Its design allows you to use it by hand and on the legs, it has included and gets a fast even dry on every nail.
Product Information:

  • ALL-IN-ONE NAIL DRYER - With advanced professional designed UV+LED dual light source, Our nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime.
  • FAST AND COMFORTABLE- It is low wattage but quick-drying which can shorten your curing time by 50% or overheat than others dryers, make the drying process more efficient. Quick and quiet, NO NEED ANY FANS!
  • CONVENIENT USE- It has two fixed timer settings: 45sec and 60sec setting, Press the button for a time, 45s; Press the button for two times, 60s, to suit different nail oil/ gel with different material or thickness
  • SAVING ENERGY-Powered by USB: No batteries needed, powered by USB, save money and more environment-friendly
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE-Pocket size with micro USB port and USB line make it ideal for constant travels.

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