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Farmplast Milk Crates - multipurpose, heavy duty & high quality

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I have a wonderful storage solution, which can stand up to all the bulky and heavy items you have in your home or job. This solution is the Farmplast Milk Crates, which is a nice way to hold your possessions and not have to fear of disposing of them anytime soon like you would with fabric and cardboard boxes. I must say that having a milk crate is so much better in quality and design, you really can do much more with them and they don't fall apart after awhile of use. Instead, these crates by Farmplast, which is in my state, NJ and all USA made, will be able to handle anything you put inside it or take out of it!
These crates are strong, sturdy and can hold up to most of anything inside these crates. You have an option of 16qts, perfect for small items or the 24qts which hold large items. Especially, if you are packing tons of heavy fabrics, paints, wood and even food inside. I am using mine for home use, but they can be used anywhere! Each of these is created to stay perfectly sturdy on the ground, while you place anything you like inside. For those who want to be creative, these milk crates can be used for children toys, art supplies, groceries like potatoes and melon, perfect for books, and pretty much anything you can think of! 

I even used these to help move a big pile of items from one place to another in my home, making it great to carry a bunch of items with you no matter the distance. Finally, with a set of black or colorful crates like I have, they can be used for anything even in outdoors in the garden, as a stepping stool and even a chair if needed! Honestly, you really can be creative with these milk crates, and they will last a long time, thanks to the strong and durable material used to create each!

Product Information:
  • New Plastic Milk Crates Heavy Duty 
  • Colors or Black
  • Variety, 24qt, and 16qt
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Phone: (973) 287-6070
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