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Exquisite Buggy, My First Doll Twin Stroller With 2 FREE Magic Bottles Included

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Let me first say, that this is such an adorable stroller!  It's not only realistic in design and shape but moves and has the same features as a real baby stroller would have. The Exquisite Buggy, My First Doll Twin Stroller is a two-seat stroller, each with their own seat belt to strap the two babies you'd love to place on each seat or even any stuffed doll. It's perfect for 18-inch dolls or even small like my 10-inch doll. However, with this cute stroller, you can have double the fun for your babies, as two can travel where ever you go! Also, if you have only one doll, well the one backseat can just be used and the front one can bend forward without being used. Turning it into a one seat stroller.

So this would make a wonderful gift for a child or even a friend, this can be such a great addition to any doll collection! It gives them the same feel as being a mommy, strolling their babies around, everywhere they go! It's also a perfect place for the dolls to stay when not being played with. However, there is a wonderful folding feature, which allows the stroller to be folded down and easily be stored away.

I think for the color, it's very pretty in pink and comes with those extra pockets for storing diapers, the two free magic bottles, and much more while your daughter or even son take this cart out with them. No matter where they will stroll it, the seat belts and strong, sturdy wheels will keep them moving while the bar structure and fabric will hold their dolls and the entire stroller in place, without tearing because it's made with the best quality material!

Finally, you have here a sturdy, well-made stroller by Exquisite Buggy. The realistic look and features are all there, making it hard to not to mistake the stroller for a real one! The pink is so cute and the wheels are strong and can support the weight of two dolls. I love the many storage areas and the folding feature is a gem! It's just a beautiful stroller and one additional accessory to add to a child's doll collection!

Product Information:
  • Set Your Dolls in this stylish stroller, body is fully assembled all you need is to put the wheels on (Less than 1 min)
  • Doll twin stroller Fits Up to 2 18" Dolls, Made of top quality so it's easy to fold and compact storage
  • Elevated rear seat so everyone gets a good view, Seatbelt in each seat.
  • Foam grip on handle for comfortable pushing and Basket underneath for accessories
  • Dimensions: 12" inches W x 26" inches H x 20" inches D
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