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XGAZER OPTICS HD 10X42 Professional Binoculars - High Power Travel Hunting Fishing Safari Bird Watching Long Range Eye-Relief w/ Neck Strap Cleaning Cloth and Carrying Case

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There really isn't better than being able to see things from a distance, with the right pair of binoculars. No matter if it's to view the birds, the beautiful sky, and hilltops, it's always good to have a real, high quality and professional set of binoculars. As I am always telling myself, quality is more important than price. Therefore, buy it once and don't ever have to afford it again. Especially, if it's a hobby or something you really enjoy! 

So I was happy to have a chance to sample a pair of binoculars known as XGAZER OPTICS HD 10x42 Professional Binoculars. These are made with the best quality lenses that will allow you a view of over 1000 yards, with crystal clear viewing! It's not gonna fog up on you or get blurry, which is one problem with cheap versions or even pricey ones that use cheap material. The lenses only go so far and once you reach a distance it ends up looking like a foggy image at the other end. I always get a quite a headache due to my vertigo trying to resolve the problem and adjusting the lenses to get the target image to come up clearer! However, if the binoculars end up blurry every time at even 100 yards, yYou can really miss out on a lot of wonderful site seeing.
Unfortunately, that isn't true with this pair! You actually, can see a great distance, such as a rooftop of another's house or up that tree in the yard without having to lose focus. Plus, with the XGAZER Binocular's design, you have a nice smooth handle around to hold, while you take a glance at the image through them. Plus, during a rainy or hot day, no slipping or losing grip when you lift them to look through. Just another feature I feel is a must have during different weather conditions, and if you have a hard time holding on that extra additional non-slip grip feature can come in handy! Now to make it even better, they also include a simpler way to hold them, with the neck strap. It keeps them next to you whenever you need to quickly take a glance at the action in front of you! Also, there should be no worries with weight, even though they appear and can take a beating due to their durable and strong material. However, the weight of this pair is actually heavy, but in a good way! It's able to hang around the neck and yet may be a bit heavy, though this is good because you are getting a strong quality pair, nothing weak or that will be garbage in a week. Plus, it's able to be stashed in a bag and port it all over, wherever you travel. 

I just love that it's got that feature, but what makes these super simple for anyone to use and enjoy is the simple zooming function, with a twist on the lenses. Similar to many binoculars, but with less adjusting needed to get a clear view, close to the object and no blurry results. Therefore, it's easy to get right to the image and not have to lose focus or get lost figuring out how to focus it correctly! No more struggle and quicker focus are all you get with these quality binoculars. There is such a difference from cheap to professional, and let me say, these are top quality when it comes to an older pair I owned, which had that professional style, nice design but horrible focusing to view objects at a distance. My older pair honestly gave me more of a headache and ended up being put away for a long time. 

Finally, the end of distance distortion is over! These really are professional, no cheaper versions for me! I just love that they not only give you a great visual image at the other end, no matter the distance, but are built to last a long, long time! The company really took the time to make sure the material to keep from the corrosion or any damage is taken into consideration when creating these! So think of it as a one long time investment that will last and not cause you to buy another pair or have you suffer from distance problems when you want to bird watch or go site seeing anywhere in the world! 
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Product Information:

  • THE ULTIMATE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Treat yourself to a whole new world or vibrant colors with the 10x42 fully multi-coated lens and the best BAK4 roof prism system! With the top lens diameter of full 42”, top rated XGAZER OPTICS binoculars offer magnification 10X, making the best long-range binoculars (1000 yards) for BIRD WATCHING, HUNTING, FISHING, SAFARI, CAMPING, SHOOTING, WILDLIFE.
  • WATERPROOF, FOGPROOF, SHOCKPROOF: With reliable FMC coating and nitrogen filling inside to prevent corrosion from moisture and fogging caused by condensation, it makes the best binocular pair for safe, trustworthy use in nature, featuring a temp range of -45- +45 degrees! Make the most of your outdoor adventures and worry no more about the elements!
  • COMFORTABLE, HIGH DEFINITION VIEWING: The 15.6mm eye relief with the twist-up eyecup makes this high-end binocular set stand out among competition! The adjustable interpupillary distance, the close focus of 2m and the diopter adjustment range of -4D~+4D makes it the easiest to use, most USER-FRIENDLY binocular set for all your outdoor adventures!
  • A PREMIUM TRAVEL SET: Enjoy the brightest colors, highest definition viewing image in all your activities! Weighing just 410g, with a NECK STRAP, easily carried in its sturdy CARRYING CASE with the quality CLEANING CLOTH, this set makes a MUST-HAVE for the traveler, the concert fan, the nature lover! They make the best compact, lightweight, travel binoculars on the market!
  • SEE THE WORLD IN BRIGHTER COLORS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Proud of the quality and performance of our travel binoculars, we are backing them with the friendliest customer service and full refund policy, to help you buy with confidence! If you are not absolutely thrilled with our long-range binoculars, just let us know and we will return your money in full- no questions asked!

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