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Victorem Ice Cold Roller Massage Ball – Deep Tissue Muscle Relief – Ice Cup Alternative - Foot, Back, Hamstrings, Plantar Fasciitis, Self-Myofascial Release– Trigger Point & Physical Therapy Relief

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Here I have is a wonderful product that helps to relieve muscle pain all over the body! It's called the Victorem Ice Cold Roller Massage Ball, and this is an easy way to get rid of pain, not just to just massage as many ball style tools work, but instead with cold therapy! It's such a wonderful idea! It really does more for those who suffer pain in the foot or even the back or every part of the body! After so much use, your muscles tend to ache and even massage can be helpful but having that ice is an extra aid that we sometimes need.

I notice that after I work out, my body is in pain. Not only from just everyday exercise but also lifting cinder blocks and moving heavy items. So to use the Victorem Cold Massage Ball on my sore muscles really does help! It relieves the pain, working out the sore muscle and also it cools the ache away. So not only does the muscle feel better, I don't have any achy feeling while massaging and relieving the knots inside each muscle. 
Plus, a bonus is that when it's super hot this comes in handy! After walking on your feet all day, this can help you cool down and relax your body while you sit back. Also, there is no need to hold the item still, as it's easy to place on the floor and let the foot do all the work! However, it can be used to hold and roll around the back, neck, legs, arms and pretty much anywhere! This is all due to its small and portable size, which also makes it a wonderful item to travel with you and takes up no room at all! So after a gym workout or have it in the car whenever you need some massage to reduce those achy muscles.

Finally, the entire massage ball comes with its own bag, which makes it a breeze to store and to take with you. Plus, the ball goes right into the freezer to get cool and can be used over and over! Also, if your not a huge fan of cold anything on your body, you can leave it out of the freezer and just use it as a regular massage ball. Either way, this really is a wonderful tool to get rid of the muscle ache and discomfort!

Product Information:

  • BEST SELF-MYOFASCIAL COLD RELIEF -Simply take the core metal ball out of the freezer, place within the room temperature holder, and begin massaging area of the body where the pain is felt.
  • MULTIPLE USES-Take the ball out of the holder and roll foot over it for Plantar Fasciitis cold relief or hit other trigger points by rolling ball over them.
  • STAYS COLD FOR HOURS-This ball is guaranteed to stay ice cold for up to 3 hours, meaning you can take it to the gym with you and it will still be cold after you complete your workout.
  • QUALITY MATTERS-Don’t waste money on a massage ball that is essentially just a Lacrosse ball. Spend your money on a product that will actually provide relief by icing and cooling muscles and tendons while massaging to provide immediate pain relief. This product is specifically engineered to last and provide relief or else we will give a 100% money back guarantee.
  • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE-Our Cold Roller Ball comes with a sporty carrying case, making it even easier to take with you on the go. This, our quality, and the ability for the ball to stay cold for hours differentiates our products from competitors.

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