Thursday, June 1, 2017

Veliis Angle Template, Adjustable Square Tool, Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler, Angle-izer Template Tool, General Angleizer Template ruler, Foldable IN&CM Unit For Builders Craftsmen Carpenters & DIYer

The Angle Template Adjustable Square Tool by Veliis is wonderful for so many different purposes! I love ti to make squares, rectangles and just getting a perfect angel when needed!
I can easily measure a perfect shape with this square tool and since it's adjustable I can move it to the needed length and still have it come out perfect!

The pieces are easy to move, due to those know pieces that allow you to slide them up or down and adjust the ruler as needed. The center or the outer area can be used to measure. It doesn't matter which is used, you'll get a nice straight line each time. I love how durable the material is, for this ruler. It's perfect for crafters, construction workers, carpenters, and pretty much anyone who needs a square tool, ruler. 
What I have noticed with every use that it's very easy to move and adjust. However, with the knob pieces, you can easily loosen to move the ruler inward or outward as needed. This will allow the square become larger or even create a rectangular. Plus, when you tighten them knobs, which there is 4, you're not going to fear that it will move out of place, while in use.
It's such a wonderful tool for so many things and easy to use!

Finally, this is a great gift for Father's Day or anyone who needs a nice quality ruler! It can be used to measure anything, and since I'm working with wood projects this would do me wonders. Especially for DIY projects, I have planned!
Product Information:

  • Easy and Precise Angle Measurement: Perfect for craftsmen, builders, carpenters, Handymen and DIY-er whether professional or not, to measure and lock any angles with a stencil by sliding any side of 4 freely for any graphics precisely.
  • Foldable & Double Units Display: Foldable via screws, so very light and convenient to take with you. Besides, the ruler displays IN and CM double Units for no exchanging units.
  • Time and Effort Saver: No need to create couples of templates or measure and calculate over and over again. Just make contemporary templates with precious angle measurement.
  • Amazing Versatile: Create a custom stencil for every job with 4 adjustable rulers, then to mark corner, bricks, lumber, laminate, tile, metal and more to deal with them easily.
  • Durable and Warranty: Made of premium ABS fiberglass-filled nylon with laser-engraved increments, so the item is durable and flexible enough to use for several years, the number will never wear off. You will get friendly customer services and 12-month warranty for refund or replacement.
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