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Professional 72” DIGIANT Lightweight Aluminum Tripod+ 72” Camera Monopod, 3-Way Pan Head, Quick Release Plate, Carrying Case, for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, Panasonic Pentax

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There isn't anything better when you have that extra hold for your camera or camcorder. I'm talking about a tripod or even monopod would do, but when you can have your camera stand on its own without you holding it in place, well that just lovely! That is why I have here a wonderful product known as the DIGIANT 72 inch Camera Tripod. This tripod is easily extended from a 21inch in height size all the way to 72inches! I actually haven't had any tripod that went this far up and let me say, it's actually pretty cool!

The DIGIANT Tripod is very nicely designed, with the adjustable legs, that increase in height and the extra height increasing center! This isn't all about the legs when you want to get it to a higher level. Instead, the centerpiece where the camera or camcorder is placed, you can easily adjust it to an even higher level without the need for adjusting the legs. However, each can be adjusted to get you that 72inch height. Plus, another wonderful feature the monopod transition from a tripod. You can actually use it as the one pole, monopod and remove the rest of the legs or keep the legs on and use it as the traditional tripod. 
Of course, there is an additional feature, the hook, which allows you to hang a bag below and allows for additional stability, plus a great way to store the bag you want to take with you. It's quite an extra helper while having the tripod open and holding the device of choice. However, it can be used without and still give you a nice strong hold for your camera.

I think what I do enjoy is that it's made of a metal that isn't going to rust or break, it's pretty strong! Plus, the design allows your camera, binoculars, monocular, and camcorder to stay put sit without causing the tripod to fall over or end up breaking when you get it to it's the highest height. The sturdy legs are with a rubber bottom piece keeping it stable and the strong, durable legs are made to withstand the weight and keep the tripod equally balanced. There is that center piece that allows you to not over do the separation of each leg and keep it in the right angle for a perfect balancing hold. 

On the pan is that screw piece which allows you to mount the device or another item you want to use. Plus, this is also with a rotatable pan for your device to be easily moved without you touching it or moving the tripod. It's easier to rotate and with the level, you won't be unbalanced, only if you want to be. However, this is a wonderful tripod, very well made and does what it needs too, adding the support your device requires while you take photos or videos.
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Product Information:

  • 3.3 lbs Net weight; 8.8 lbs Load Capacity; 3-Section Tripod 24"-72" Height Range; Adjustable Center Column Converts to 5-Section Monopod 21"-66" Height Range
  • 3-Way Flexible Pan Head with Tilt & Swivel Motion pivots up to 180 degrees; Provide 360-degree Rotation Panoramas; Built-in Bubble View Levels
  • Quick-Release Plate with Standard 1/4”-20 Screw Mount Compatible for all Digital Cameras, most Camcorders, GoPro devices, Binocular, Telescopes
  • Includes a Carry Handle, Foam Grips on the legs, and a Center Column Hook for Hanging Additional Accessories, or to Add Weight to the Tripod for Additional Stabilization
  • Flip-Locks for Leg Height Adjustment; Telescopic Pan Handle; Rubber Feet with Enclosed Spikes; Locking Mid-level Spreader for Added Rigidity; A Carrying Bag and Gift Box is Included

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