Thursday, June 29, 2017

Noahfun Hanging Art Tools Holder Bag- 7 Pockets For Painting Brushes, Color Paints, Color Pencils, Art Markers, Art Tools, Used on Easels and Wall, Outdoor Painting

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This is a wonderful idea! I was able to try this beautiful storage tool holder, known as the Noahfun Hanging Art Tools Holder Bag. It has many pockets for all different tools, like art supplies. So no matter if you draw, paint, color and so on, there are different pockets to place each tool even the paint inside! The design is perfect, it's long and big enough to hold plenty of colored pencils and brushes, while not falling off the wall or ripping.
You just place one single screw and allow the rope to hang the bag evenly. When you add the tools, it will keep the bag nicely down and positions right to the wall. It's lightweight and very easy to hang. However, the tools you put in this bag will help it stay even more while it hangs down. The design is something I really admire, with the floral pockets and clean simple white color. It's very eye catching and so simple that it just works in any room, especially that of an artist!

I don't need to find my art supplies, as they are all right there for me. Plus, I was running out of table space and this allows me an area to stick my items, without hogging up more room!
It's quite a hanging art tool bag, in my opinion! This is just a wonderful item and a perfect idea for an office, artist, child, student and so on! No matter the tools or items going in, this is just an excellent idea and will save so much space!

Product Information:

  • Easy To Use: Just Hanging On The Wall Or Your Easels When You Painting
  • Easy To Carry: It Is Foldable, Easy To Carry When You Go Outdoor Painting
  • Easy To Find The Art Tools When You Painting
  • 7 Pockets Can Put Lots of Art Tools In It

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