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iVanky Braided Jacket Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable for Home Theater Receiver, Soundbar, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Player, Xbox and More (6ft/1.8m - Heavy Duty, Firm Connection)

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The iVanky Braided Jacket Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable is one of a kind! This sturdy cord is easily inserted into many different ports, allowing sound to transfer from one device to another. It's a perfect way to listen to music from one device to another. Hearing the perfect clear sound come from the speakers, such as voices and sound effects from Television shows and many others!The best part about this cable is the design. Not only is stylish and a nicer look than a typical black cord, but the rope design allows you to avoid damage that may be caused by stretching and flexing it in one position too long. I had that happen to me so many times. 

However, with a rope design, the damage is very hard to occur and will withstand plenty of abuse from use and positioning. The sound is also very nice! It is stable and crystal clear, no breaking up or disconnection from one device to another. So what ever sound you hear from the device you have, will transport that sound through the speaker or soundbar or any player that you can fit into at the same exact time, instantly!
Finally, this is a universal Toslink cable cord which allows most of anything to fit it perfectly! So you can use it for all different systems and devices, which also includes game devices and music players of all types! Plus, It's a very nice and long cord, 6ft and can reach far and flexes with ease.  All I can say is that this is a wonderfully designed product! It really does a great job for many of my devices and has a longer rate of surviving the movement, flexing, and inserting into many different devices than many other versions which you will spend more than you can with this one! Honestly, if I could, I would choose the rope design, just like this every time! 
Product Information:

  • SUPERB STABILITY - Quality fiber optics and gold-plated connectors prevent interference for maximum stability. It’s easy to insert and fits snugly into ports.
  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - Lightweight and flexible braided jacket provide extra protection and durability to your digital optical audio cable.
  • EXCELLENT ENJOYMENT - Carrying a distortion-free fiber-optic digital audio stream, the Toslink cable gives purer and clearer signal. Thoughtful removable rubber tips protect the cable when it’s not plugged in.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - iVanky® Lifetime Warranty (All costs covered during Lifetime Replacement process) ensures the long-time enjoyment of purchase.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - iVanky Optical Audio Cable supports soundbars, home theater receivers, PlayStations or other devices with Toslink ports.

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