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How to Draw Comics by Ilya

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I've always been a fan of the comics! I actually love buying them during Free Comic Book Day because not only is there great deals on comics and free ones, with cute cartoon characters and some new ones released. Also, they have games in the store and collectibles that can be purchased on sale! Though comics are like a book of photos with few lines. If you want to entertain your mind and eyes, then this is something anyone will love! Instead of reading and imagining what is going on, you can view the real action and gestures being done within each square box.  So even though reading them is pretty cool, I really wanted to create some cartoon illustrations and make my own for others to read! It's just a fun way to use imagination and take my drawings or doodles, and a bit of storytelling to make one amazing book! 

That is why I was very interested in the book, How to Draw Comics by Ilya. It's cover caught my eye, made it easy to know what will be taught inside. Plus, with everything being so simple to understand. This includes beginners in drawing their first sketch or those who need an idea on how to start creating comics and what it takes to create a really good comic. What you will learn are the steps to draw realistic characters with specific features that would be appealing in any comic. Plus, plenty of room to doodle some for yourself, there are boxes to take a pen or pencil and doodle in your own action or fun adventure scene inside. 

Of course, practice makes perfect and with this book, you can enjoy taking the time to draw up your own characters. However, a tip to keep using this book is to use a separate piece of paper or a few and draw your own boxes to create the comic characters inside. You can even copy the squares in this book on the printer, by scanning the page on the flatbed and printing copies. It's a perfect way to practice and not put any ink into this book!

Moving on, I think this book is a perfect way to get some real idea and examples of drawing comic strips and plan on creating actual eye-catching heroes or pretty much any character you'd like to be in your story. I always felt comic strips were more like those manga characters and movies in style, though some are just cartoon drawings of new characters or those of favorite cartoon shows. Also, if you wanted to read a few examples, well this book has comic strip examples inside and it makes learning even more fun! So not only do you have a lesson book on drawing your own comics, you can have fun reading a few for yourself! That is why this is an awesome book and I don't think there really isn't anything to hate about this type of book. It's super easy to learn from with the step by step guide of text and visuals. Of course, there is a difference in this book which is unlike any other comic book guides. This one is actually done through comic strip form, teaching you as you read it like a comic strip and book. It's pretty much a really an excellent idea and unique from other books. This is something I really did enjoy while reading this book! It's a new change in how you learn and a bit more interesting.

Honestly, no matter the type of comic you make, this book will get you started and all the way to the end with the realistic comic design! Finally, a book like this is perfect for adults and even children to learn from. Just remember, the book may be more directed for a child, it's also a good place to start for adults just starting out. Also, I feel it's a better version for a beginner book to learn from than many others I've seen.

Information About The Author:
Ilya draws on more than thirty years' experience as a comics writer, artist, and editor. His works have been published by Marvel, DC, Image, Kodansha, and others. His books include Room for Love, Manga Drawing Kit, and a manga adaptation of King Lear.

Book Information:
  • ART
  • 128 Pages, 7.875 x 11.75
  • Formats: Trade Paper, Fixed Layout EPUB, Fixed Layout KF8, PDF
  • Trade Paper, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.99)
  • ISBN 9781613739037
  • Rights: US, CA and MX
  • Chicago Review Press (May 2017)
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