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GemRed Digital Level Angle Slope (NO.82105 Level with Magnetic Base)

I received a free sample in exchange for writing a review on my blog

I love to do plenty of DIY projects, recently got myself some power tools for wood projects! However, I always find I'm in need of a handy and trustworthy level. One that can be used
for all types of projects and designs, no matter the craft! That is why I am so happy to have a chance to review the GemRed Digital Level Angle Slope with magnetic base.
It's durable, strong, has the right length and easy to read levels I need, while working on many different creations. Some of these would be wood projects, plastic, metal and so on! The GemRed Digital Level is shaped as a long heavy duty rectangle, perfect for getting the correct straight line on any material. Plus, achieving the right angles I need as well! It's long length actually works great on small or large projects. I can make my own perfect garden wood planters around the yard, easily with this level.

Many rulers are great for measurement, but what I really needed was to get the right angles and level for the many different tasks I have planned. Therefore, this has really come in handy when working on different areas places around the house, new projects I'm building and even on a variety of different materials. What really is awesome is that the accuracy of the digital part is as close to the right measurement. Also, the bonus of the magnetic part of the level which allows it to be easy to attach screws or anything I am working with below, that is able to be attached to the magnetic parts below. Of course, the magnetic pieces on the bottom can help hold steady on a platform I'm working with or even my tool box to keep the level attached!

Finally, the design is wonderful, with all the extra features on the level. You can get others without the magnetic base, but I prefer this extra feature, it comes in handy working with screws and surfaces that can magnetically attach to it. However, any one of the GemRed Digital Levels you use will give you a perfectly straight line, last long time due to its strong material and a wonderful digital design and will help aid in all different DIY projects you may have!

Product Information:
  • Accuracy: 0.05° at 0° and 90°; 0.2° at rest angles. Resolution: 0.05° at 0° and 90°; 0.1° at rest angles.
  • Auto power off. Reading always upright
  • Absolute measurement and relative measurement conversation
  • Great gift for Father's Day. High precise level for professional measurement.
  • Magnetic base
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