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Femometer Women's Gift Ovulation Predictor Kit – Bluetooth Basal Body Thermometer (for iOS and Android) Digital Oral Fertility Thermometer for Ovulation Tracking and Period Management Purple

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Don't you wish there was an easier way to know more about our woman body? Especially if it's to understand our monthly, when to avoid sex or if it's safe to have it without the fear of getting pregnant or if it happens you want a child, to know exactly when it's a good time to try. Well with the Femometer Women's Ovulation Predictor Kit, we actually can! It's a  new device, which I never knew anything about, until recently. It actually can help you predict the body's ovulation period with accuracy. You'll also be able to chart everything from periods to contraception, early stage pregnancy and of course, every day the body's temperature and chances of pregnancy rate. You will be well equipped with knowing when it's time to have sex and get pregnant, verse trying and trying on the wrong days. However, it works both ways. The Femometer also helps you know if it's a good day to get pregnant and for those who don't want to get pregnant, you can learn to know when to avoid sex at all causes. Plus, it can even help you keep an eye on your monthly and a bunch of things, like the medications we take, our weight, cervical fluid and so much more!

I actually think the name is perfect! Femometer, the female thermometer which is actually used just like a thermometer and it analyzes our bodies by just sticking the one piece in our mouth as we would when taking our temperature. Afterward, it will work with the app on our phones to keep our information down and allow us to know what's going on in our bodies. It's pretty easy to use and only takes a minute or two to get everything done. It may seem like an extra step in the morning, but if you're passionate to get pregnant or just want to play it safe, well this extra step may just be the answer! Instead of buying those little pregnancy ovulation test strips. you can just use this and save yourself time, money and have peace o mind with knowing sooner. Plus, it is super close to accuracy, which means that the chances of having a positive are highly in our favor!
Finally, it's such a cool design, very easy to use and works great! I think this would be a wonderful addition for us females to own and use daily to know about our body and keep down every little important information from medicines, our weight, important health information, and even the monthly that can sneak up on us without knowing. Therefore, if you want to be pregnant sooner or avoid it at all costs, well this little Femometer, the digital device may just be the answer!

Product Information:

  • THE MOST ADVANCED WAY TO TRACK OVULATION — has its own APP “Femometer”, you can download it for IOS or Android in APP store or scan the instruction; with the highest accuracy ±0.09℉, this fertility thermometer measures your body temperature perfectly and syncs data into charting on your APP automatically to predict your ovulation day or provide information if ovulation abnormal, such as lack of luteal, none ovulation, etc, so that you can say goodbye to the urine ovulation test strips
  • WE CARE MUCH ON THE PRODUCT, BUT MUCH MORE ON YOU — this fertility thermometer is smart, and works much faster than traditional ways to test your temp, usually takes 1-2 minutes, to provide the most accurate data of your body temperature, so that help knows your body easily. We suggest using this fertility thermometer under your tongue every day in the morning when open your eyes lying in the bed so that the data will be more accurate
  • HELP TO GET OR AVOID PREGNANT MORE EASILY — this fertility monitor identifies up to 6 fertile days, much better than traditional ovulation tests so that to help you maximize your chances of getting pregnant naturally; at the same time, you will easily to know your ovulation time and enjoy your sexual life in safety
  • HELP MANAGE PERSONAL CYCLE — except for the way to track ovulation, this fertility thermometer also helps you manage your period and detects early pregnant easily
  • NEW LIPSTICK DESIGN AND HIGH-QUALITY GUARANTEE — with the new material antiseptic ABS, you can directly put the fertility thermometer into mouth and just by washing it after use to keep it clean; it also won the IF designing award of 2016, and has the certificates of FDA and CE, so that you can purchase in safety. Also, we provide 1-year quality guarantee service, we will refund you all or replace a new one if there is any quality problem

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