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Doodling Time Makeup Silicone Sponge-Beauty Blender for BB Cream/ CC Cream/ Air Cushion/ Liquid Foundation/ Blush Highlighter/ Concealer

I received a free sample in exchange for writing a review on my blog

The Makeup Silicone Sponge-Beauty Blender by Doodling Time is a wonderful tool! It's silicone, easy to clean and doesn't hold on to the makeup you are using on your face! It's practically a safe and easy way to apply all types of makeup like foundation, eyeshadow, blush and even bronzer. It doesn't matter which you use, and even if you want to use 5 products with the same silicone piece, you can. It's easy to wash and cleans off fast!

Just rinse it in water and you're ready to go again. Of course, with a towel, you can dry it super fast as well. It's so much better than using a brush, which holds on to the makeup, can only use one type every time until it's washed off and it actually saves you money. So in away, it's gonna give you money back by keeping you from losing product that you'd spent a pretty penny on!
For example, with a regular brush and even your finger for the liquid foundation, you'd end up having the powder or liquid foundation go into the bristles or being lost on the finger your using because it absorbs and adheres right to the first object you are using. However, with the silicone piece, you have a shaped thick clear rubber feel item that doesn't have anywhere to put the foundation you are using and instead, it ends up going right on the skin and nowhere else! For a small and thick silicone piece, it's sort of a wonderful tool. I mean, it saves you cash, it is useful for the entire face and all the different products you want to add, even lotion, and it's shape isn't just for looks, but works to get in the tight small curves of the face for an even coverage, no spot is missed!

Finally, I think for this type of product, gift or just for oneself, it's an excellent choice and upgraded from the traditional brushes. Makeup should be used and not wasted, especially if it's costing you a ton to get those nice mineral brands. Therefore, I would highly recommend a clean and healthy way to apply makeup without the need of so many brushes to apply it!

Product Information:

  • Makeup Silicone Sponge-Beauty Blender for BB Cream/ CC Cream/ Air Cushion/ Liquid Foundation/ Blush Highlighter/ Concealer
  • NO MORE WASTE with PureSpoge - it will not eat your expensive makeup.
  • EASY TO CLEAN by placing sponges under running water tap.
  • 100% SILICONE MADE. Our sponges are made of 100% medical silicone, that's why they are bacteria-free and hypoallergenic.
  • SET OF 2 silicone sponges. You'll get oval, teardrop and round design sponges for comfortable use for different parts of your body.

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