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Cross-Platform Desktop Applications Using Node, Electron, and NW.js Paul B. Jensen Foreword by Cheng Zhao

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I was so glad to have a chance to sample the book, Cross-Platform Desktop Applications Using Node, Electron, and NW.js by Paul B. Jensen and Cheng ZahoThis is quite a great way to learn how to make an app much easier! It allows you to develop apps through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that will work on Windows, Linux, and even Mac. Just imagine, write it one time and let it run anywhere on all computers. That is something I really like, which many applications won't allow you to do. Plus, this book is really for those who know how to develop applications, but want to take a shortcut and make it simpler and easy to get them done faster! However, in my opinion, you can still learn a little bit more about developing from this book even if you aren't that advanced yet. So, I think this book is really perfect for beginners in all stages and still possibly easier if you had some developing knowledge. 

Of course, this book is easy for anyone to follow. It starts you off, allowing you to understand what everything you need to know about NW.js and how to install so you can actually test the codes inside. There is even history about the origin of it as well as the Electron. However, every bit of info is right inside and easy to help anyone learn and proceed through all the tasks that can get you started and help you understand what it's all about! Since they won't just push you out the nest, thinking you can fly without learning. They rather teach you everything, just like a class so you are set to do it by yourself.

In my opinion, they pretty much hold your hand through each step and lesson, giving you time to grasp the concept and understand what you need to do and how to use each feature correctly. Honestly, there are also many steps that give you that full understanding of each feature and what you can do with them. It's truly like a full course on using Node, Electrons, and NW.js inside this book! There are four parts in order of learning about using NW.js and actually finally checking your work. Each part has plenty of pieces that help you work and understand Node.js and the many things you can do with it! 

These parts consist of: 

  1. Part one welcoming you to Node.js
  2. Part two getting in deeper with Node.js
  3. Part three mastering this application
  4. Part four getting ready to release. 
Once you get a good understanding and move into mastering it, there are so many things you can do that actually allows you to work with the features of your computer. You can take control of the apps display as it will appear, utilize the webcam in the application, store data, copying and pasting, keyboard shortcuts and so much more! It's quite a blast to understand something new and watch it take off with you in control. Of course, after you do finally get up to creating an app and want to see it in action, releasing it for the first time. There is that part, which is four that allows you discover how to debug and take steps to make sure it's going to work correctly. The worst thing that could happen if having it bomb the first time it's released due to some bugs that didn't get worked out. Therefore, this book has included that part which allows you check back on your creation and clear up any mistakes that need repairing before you finally have it released for others or even just for yourself to use.

In all honestly, I just love javascript and programming. It's such a wonderful feeling to have control and create new applications. So when learning about what I can do with Node.js and work with all different platforms, thanks to reading this book, I feel so engaged on trying new things and creating new apps for my computer.  I am also just happy that this isn't a huge difficult book with too many complicated steps. Of course, if you are starting out and end up jumping from part one and just going to part three, without any knowledge of these applications, well it can be difficult. You really do need to read from part one and all the way through, not skipping to another part.

Finally, this is quite a wonderful guide, very good for beginners, and those who want to make applications faster and easier! It has so much that you can learn and easy to follows steps. There is nothing I can see inside this book to be hard to understand how to begin or what you need to do. The author has really made this book simple to grasp the concept and procedures you need to follow and execute. To tell you the truth, if you get a chance to work on each step as seen in the book, you'll not only feel as if you are taking a course on your own, but will be able to recall how to use the features correctly. Plus, having the actual book with you, there is always a great way to recall what you might have forgotten and reminded yourself what you need to do to make it work! It's really a wonderful, well-written guide and lesson.

Information About The Author:
Paul Jensen is the founder of Anephenix, a Node.js consultancy. He is also the Lead Developer of the SocketStream web framework, and the creator of Dashku, a realtime dashboard solution.

Book Information:

  • Paperback: 312 pages
  • Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (May 15, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1617292842
  • ISBN-13: 978-1617292842
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 7.5 x 9.2 inches

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Manning Books - Cross-Platform Desktop Applications Using Node, Electron, and NW.js Paul B. Jensen Foreword by Cheng Zhao

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