Saturday, June 10, 2017

Awaytoy Mini Tripod - Lightweight 19" Travel Portable Tripod for DSLR SLR DVR Smart Mobilephone Red

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The Awaytoy Mini Tripod is not only a lightweight tripod, but it's also very strong and sturdy! I never want to test a weak product against my high-quality devices because I don't believe they will stand up to holding all the ones I own and not ending up destroying or breaking them if the tripod shall fall. However, when I saw this mini tripod, I knew it was different! Many are very thin-legged and cheap.

Though the design of the Awaytoy Mini Tripod is created to be a professional tripod at a smaller size. I can't say pocket size, but compared to the 55 inch or 65-inch tripod, this is tiny!
No matter the size, this is one strong stand-up the tripod that can hold all different cameras and camcorders from professional to just a simple point and shoot. Plus, if you have a pair of binoculars or something else you want to mount onto the tripod, well it can surely hold it up too!
Now for the design, you have a red color tripod with three thick style legs. Each leg moves to a position, allowing an angle or correct balance for the device to sit, while you record or shoot a photo. The mounting piece of the tripod is a perfect size for many devices, so fitting all those cameras you may have or want to own will be fine.

I think my favorite feature is the 360 rotation and the thick legs with the rubber feet for extra support. I don't fear any damage will come to my device or if I'll have a problem using a heavier or lighter camera on the tripod, even a pricier one! I can simply set it up on a table or if I do need to be lower, I can set it up right on the floor and get a nice shot or scan of what I need from a close or far distance. It really is a wonderful product, very well created and for a small product I would consider it a terrific buy and gift for any professional or newbie photographer!

Product Information:

  • Precision level calibrator, perspective more humane, easy to observe
  • 1/4 standard camera nut, for 99% camera in the market.3/8 universal monopod for 99% monopod on the market.
  • CNC precision machining, damping system, feel fine, smooth rotation
  • 360-degree panoramic shooting -360-degree horizontal scale on the base for photographers to take splendid panoramic photos and axis inversion for macro photography
  • Non-slip rubber foot pad, good stability, protect the camera

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