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UKLISS Hair Straightener Brush Hair Care styling, Fast Heating, Anti-Scald Static Electric Ceramic Hair Straightening Comb

 I always love to do my hair! That and especially dress up for the day. However, ironing my hair often will just cause it to become very damaged, until now! Thanks to the UKLISS Hair Straightener Brush, I am able to get my hair combed out and straightened without damage. It's an iron that's like a brush, but unlike many, it's even more similar to a hairbrush paddle that isn't huge! Perfectly fits the head and isn't one giant hard paddle that you have to hold.

So with this comb style brush, you get tangle free hair that needs no extra brushing ahead of time. Plus, you get perfectly even heat distributed down each section that you begin brushing or combing. It's perfectly separated to not cause a knot or destroy the hair while you brush it down. The UKLISS Hair Straightener is such a nice, sleek black colored brush with a simple control section on the handle. It's so easy to reach and press each button that controls the heat temperature and powers on the device. It's just three buttons, up and down for temperature and the on button, which is also the off button too!
Nothing simpler than on and temperature you need to use on the type of hair you have. Of course, thicker hair needs the higher temp, which this does from 120 celsius to 220 celsius. 
That is basically it! Just let it heat up, which it goes super fast like in 30 seconds or less you can be straightening and defrizzing your hair. Plus, adding shine and keeping it looking healthy without damage or causing the hair look more like a pancake. The benefit of this brush is beautiful natural looking hair, not flat, thin hair that looks like it's straw. It allows more life to be left in the hair and more natural appearance to your look.

Now, all that is great, but they also include my favorite the 360 swivel cord. It's able to move all over and allows you to go all over while you brush through the hair and straighten it. The brush is perfectly designed and I love that it's super easy to setup and use right from the box. No long instruction book to read and the results are just fabulous! Finally, with no doubt, this product works wonders and super easy to use as often as needed.

Product Information:

  • RAPID HEATING ANG LAST LONGER: Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology get the straightening brushes hot within 30 seconds, 5~10 times faster than traditional straighteners, start to style your hair within 1 minute and last for whole day.
  • QUALITY UKLISS STRAIGHTENING BRUSH ENSURE RESULTS: Release rich negative ions when straightening and shining curly or frizzy hair, eliminating frizz and adds shine, reducing knots and split ends, make your hair not only straight but also smoother healthier.
  • PROFESSIONAL TEETH DESIGN: 2 rows of long, sturdy, smooth nylon ball tipped teeth for tangle-free glide, heating-proof and prevent damage to the scalp. 5 rows of short, thin flat teeth enter into hair gently and deeply, offer stable temperature when working. Ceramic Tourmaline Technology reduces static, locks in moisture and leaves hair silky smooth with a brilliant shine.
  • EASY HEAT SETTINGS: Control temperature settings from low 120 Celsius to high 220 Celsius for safety styling all hair types, from fragile to coarse. Besides, the 5 rows of short, thin flat teeth could provide very stable temperature when working on hair.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Extra-long 360 degree Swivel Cord and Easy-Hold Rigid Tip, offer maximum styling control. Ergonomic No-Slide Handle for comfort and ease of styling. ON/OFF and temperature control button provides One-touch operation. Curved ridgeback channels hair for multiple styles and heating-proof, no heating hurt risk

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