Friday, May 5

Thumb Stopper - New very effective guitar practice tool!

I am so happy! I normally enjoy playing my ukulele, still practicing. However, my thumb loves to move out of place and I can't keep my fingers positioned correctly. I finally found something I consider very clever! The Thumb Stopper by a shop known as UNCOMPROMISED ARTS.

This design is something so simple, you almost feel as if you thought of it! However, I give credit where it's deserved. This company made something for anyone, beginner to advance the player to use and it fits all thumb sizes. The little piece is a hook, simple as that! It attaches to the back of the guitar or ukulele and stays there till you pull it off. Once on, you can easily use it to keep the thumb from moving as you play the instrument.
Honestly, this has made playing and learning to play easier. I could never figure out how to hold or position my fingers, mostly my thumb. So using this little white hook, it avoids that thumb and allows me to hold my ukulele perfectly! Plus, it doesn't fall off or easily comes off, but it can if you need to take it off. There will be no damage, and sometimes if you tell no one, you really can't even see it there! That is how small this little hook is. Finally, I really found it to be super useful! It allows me to hold the ukulele in the right position and if all goes well and I finally afford a guitar, I will need to get another one of these!

Product Information:
  • Thumb stopper assists a guitar student in the proper placement of the thumb on the back of the guitar neck.
  • Thumb stopper helps solve one of the most common problems among beginning guitarists - incorrect left-hand position. Thumb stopper keeps your left thumb in the right place even when you're focusing on other things like sight-reading, or when your teacher is not around to correct you. It makes the learning process FASTER and EASIER!

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