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The BeLOVED Life PRINCESS Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids

Have you ever hugged your pillow? I know it sounds silly, but honestly, when I feel a bit down or alone, my soft and comfortable pillow gives me that encouragement I need to go on in life.
However, it can happen so much when growing up. Kids feel alone, different, and scared what others may think or what scary projects or future issues are coming. Though this doesn't have to be! Instead, The BeLOVED Life Pillows are made to support and encourage kids to feel great for being themselves. They don't have to change because another says so, they can feel like there is a little support wherever they go. Especially, when this pillow comes with a long enough strap. 
The pillow I have here is The BeLOVED Life PRINCESS Plush Pillow. It's actually something that I admire, always dressing my dolls up in a princess' style design because just like Disney, I always feel everyone can be royalty if they'd like to be. Plus, every girl should be treated like a princess. So I've been in love with the princess designed pillow, with it's purple and soft exterior. The crown is just lovely and the best part is it's super soft! I wouldn't mind hugging this pillow any time of day! Also, the best part of this type of pillow is that it has an encouraging message included on the back. I have on mine, the message of Psalm 139:14, which states that I am wonderfully made. Now that really makes anyone, even me feel great to be themselves and easily remember how important they are!

As you know, it would always be great to have a way to carry the pillow with you wherever you go. That is why, The BeLOVED Life really thought of everything by including the additional strap allows one to wear it around like a bag, great for camping, sleepovers, or just traveling wherever. Also, the strap can be easily removed and placed on if you want to take it with you or just use it for rest. On top of the strap is another pocket, perfect for holding little notes and items. Plus, the pillow has a large pillow left in the back, which you can store items and even remove the strap and place that and the cute collectible clips, like the light bulb that came with mine inside it. 

Now I always loved a decorative pillow, but when you can get one that fits your own personality and supports who you are, I believe that is just so much better! Finally, softness, beauty, and the little encouraging message that is on each pillow, really helps make a child feel loved and happy to be who they are! Also, the beautiful pockets to hold what you love dear like a family photo or a message from your family inside while you are staying over night somewhere new.
Product Information:
  • Princess Pillow is a beautifully designed, inspirational plush pillow which reminds us that we are all "WONDERFULLY MADE", and that everything God created is AMAZING & MIRACULOUS. We hope that this pillow will be comforting during the times when you don't feel good about yourself and that it will encourage and strengthen you. Treasure the thought that you have been specially created by God, and you are His own masterpiece.
  • Not only is this a fun, cuddly pillow, but it has an encouraging message that you can take with you as you head out to camp, school trips, sleepovers and play dates. Handmade Plush cover w/zipper & soft poly insert. 16" x 16

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