Tuesday, May 16, 2017

REIDEA KM06 Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch and Full RGB Backlit Key

I love a keyboard with color changing keys! This is the  REIDEA Mechanical Keyboard with an RGB Backlight that changes to each color. It's pretty awesome and each key is fully functional! There is no need to press hard, like any keyboard this works with a simple, light press and attaches to any computers USB port or possibly another device that can accept a USB Cord and keyboard for use!

The quality is wonderful, it's strong and durable. However, with any device, I wouldn't go throwing it onto the ground to prove a point, but let's just say it won't break easily on you, even if you have a heavy touch. The wire that connects the keyboard is a perfect length, not too short or too long. It's just enough to have you sit at a perfect distance or use to attach and place on an under table pull out desk shelf.  No matter, this will work great on all types of computers or even laptops. Just imagine if your laptop is working great and like me, you might have ruined the keyboard due to a liquid spill. Some keys won't work correctly or the entire keyboard is messed up. Well, now you can still play on the computer you have and add this to replace the keyboard. It works just as good and more attractive design, color backlight and large enough to easily type and send different commands to the computer.
Also, if you ever play games on the computer, this can be your new gaming keyboard as well! Its design is perfect for gaming or working in the dark and has the same buttons you need to play online or text back and forth to any family member or friends. I think it is quite calming and a fun visual to watch the colors change while sitting back and watching something on my computer. Also, one design feature I really admire is the angled position of the keyboard's design and the long bottom piece that allows for your wrists to rest while you type. It's just perfect for an easy full hands on the keyboard typing and supports the wrists. I love that and just the size, in general, is perfect a real full-size keyboard!

So, for a gift, gaming keyboard, upgrade or just a replacement, this will work wonders!
Perfect for work and fun and just about anyone who uses a computer and needs a keyboard!

Product Information:

  • Distinct Activation Feeling and quieter Audible Click: Red mechanical switch keys feature a light 50g linear press and tactile bump; Satisfying audible click won’t be loud enough to annoy anyone in the next room.
  • 100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys guarantee accurate gameplay every time. Lock unlock Windows Key so you never miss clicking again
  • Robust & Sturdy: Tested with 50 million keystrokes, molded from top grade ABS and Aluminum; splash safe keycaps easy to clean
  • Make it your own: Full programmable RGB backlighting gives you the ability to choose how your gear looks and color code triggers. Our macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast
  • Ergonomic design with the palm and wrist rest to prevent fatigue

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Cheerivo - REIDEA KM06 Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch and Full RGB Backlit Key

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