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Power Excel with MrExcel - 2017 Edition by Bill Jelen

The book, Power Excel with MrExcel - 2017 Edition by Bill Jelen is a wonderful guide into the world of Excel! It's a helpful book for all things to do with using Excel, with the new improvements and some secrets that not many may know about. I think anyone working with graphs, bookkeeping, accounting, finance and so on would really love this guide, especially beginners! This is so much easier to understand how to use Excel and make it quicker to work out functions and tables that you want to create for all types of company purposes, meetings, and just for school! So no matter the work you have, this book will allow you all the tips and information you need to use Excel, the newest version as well!

I honestly love best about this book is the visiuals. I mean, many books are great and help you through text, but it's easier for me to learn by reading and viewing the exact same thing occuring in the photo or illustration. This book is more like a visiaul guide to help you and even help answer questions that you might have about Excel.   I honestly am clueless when it comes to Excel. I know the basics and took a few classes on this program. However, any little tip or helpful guidance can just make things easier and that is what I got from this book!

That is why I feel this book really helps in the long run. Plus, having it in my house, now I can have a way to look back and figure out what I need to do, step by step with real visual guidance by the real MrExcel, Bill Jelen. That's because each page is covered with direct steps and visiual guidance! I honestly love his books, he does such a great job explaining Excel. This is is just one of his great books that is packed with so many helpful ideas, tips and tricks to make working on those graphs and tables a bit easier in the long run!

Finally, I can say that I'm getting a hang of Excel, using it for bookkeeping my personal finances and keep check on my home business. So this book has really made using Excel so much easier!

Information About The Author:
Bill Jelen is the host of, Microsoft MVP, and writes the monthly Excel column for Strategic Finance Magazine. He is the author of 49 books about Excel.

Book Information:

  • 553 PAGES, 8.25 X 10.75
  • TRADE PAPER, $39.95 (US $39.95) (CA $47.95)
  • ISBN 9781615470495

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