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Mimtom Drawing Stencils Kit for Kids | 20 PC Stencil Set with 370+ Shapes Animals, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Letters & Numbers | 15 Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Sketch Pad & Carrying Case

Any child would love the supplies to draw and doodle! I know I have when I was growing up and even the children I see with my friends are all interested in drawing. It's true that I always felt that drawing allows them to be creative, free their minds and make anything they want on that piece of paper! I believe that drawing or doodling is a way to escape and imagine what you want to happen on that paper. However, there are so many other fun ways to draw or doodle. One great way is to use stencils! 

I love stencils and so do children of all ages! The ones I have here are drawing stencils by Mimtom, which are fabulous! Not only do you get 20 different fun varieties of stencils of over 370 images to copy, color, and place anywhere, but you also have the colored pencils, the hard case, and even a sketch pad! So not only do have those fun animal, object, clothing, trucks, or even space shapes to copy but you have a place to copy them on too! Also included, the colorful pencils with a sharpener are a perfect touch to get you started and drawing right when it comes in! What else is magnificent about this is the case. Many kits don't include a durable case, but just a clear plastic one that you can toss once you open the package. 
However, Mimtom Drawing Stencils Kit includes a nice case with a handle, so kids can travel from room to room or take this entire set on vacation as it all fits inside! I honestly love what you get in this set, it's a gift ready to be sent! Plus, there is so many shapes and designs that can be created and used, it's just wonderful! Also, to see the smiles on a child's face is priceless and a feeling that you are helping them enjoy being creative.

Finally, this is durable which is perfect for children, but there are alternate uses for the set. I know it's made for children, but then again the parents can have fun too! Take them out and use ones to add decoration to cards, place on scrapbook pages and even use to add on a note, journal or stationary to a friend. It can really be fun using these for all purposes of writing. Therefore, Mimtom Drawing Stencils Kit is just a fun set that is for everyone!

Product Information:

  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: 20 plastic stencils (10.3” x 7.3”), 15 ultra-bright colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a sketchbook.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Stencil set for little kids (ages 3+), tweens & teens | Create cool posters, gift cards, and home decorations.
  • UNIQUE VARIETY: Drawing stencils for kids with over 370 shapes | Animal, flower, car, number, letter, dinosaur stencils and so much more.
  • INCLUDES CASE: Heavy duty lockable carrying case with sturdy handles to securely store the stencils, pencils, sketchbook and sharpener.
  • KID-SAFE ITEMS: All of our plastic templates as well as the accessories are 100% kid-friendly. They're safe, durable and easy to clean.

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