Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Linsoir Beads Bulk Hard Snap 4mm Open Jump Rings with Free Jump Ring Open Tool Value Box Set - Pack of 2800

I am just getting into Jewelry making and have been inspired by my mom to do so! However, this is a craft that needs some pieces which I found to be easy if you buy online. Especially if you are looking for Jump Rings. Thanks to Linsor Beads. I was able to sample a set of all different color jump rings. This set is called the Linsoir Beads 4mm Open Jump Rings with a Free Ring Open Tool. This is actually a nice set for smaller pieces to work on. I love the amount you get, 2800 pcs for the 4mm. However, they have plenty of others to choose from, like smaller and even larger ones! The thing is that I work with small objects and wrists and necks, especially doll size.
So I need to work with smaller pieces. Plus, it allows me to create more thanks to the size and the amount in each storage box. Also, the clear box it comes in is like a flower and all the colors are separated, easy to figure which is where when you need a specific color like gold or silver or black and so on! This set is wonderful! It's just what one needs to keep working on jewelry pieces. It would take a long time to run out, but if you're making many different pieces daily, you may need to get more sooner! However, for me, this is a perfect set that will last me. I plan to make more pieces for dolls so I can add to my clothing collection and get this job idea up and running.

Therefore, with all this wonderful help Linsoir Beads has really helped me by supplying such a wonderful set of jump rings to get me started. Also, for the inexpensive price and quality product, this is a definitely great buy! To make it even better, the jump ring opener is there for easy opening and closing when you need it. No more trying to pry it open with 2 pliers, your fingers or just anything. That little gold ring helps and leaves you with less work in the long run.Finally, after all is done you can buy more rings to place in this flower box or easily use it for something else. It can be handy for more than just jewelry making and also be a great bead storage once you are done. So all I can say is that this is great for anyone, beginner or not! It's a perfect set and comes in all sizes with seven wonderful colors!

Product Information:

  • Material: iron
  • Ring size: 4mm; Thickness: 0.5mm/ 25gauge
  • Color: 7 colors in a set,that is gold/rhodium/antique bronze/silver/gun black/red copper/rose gold
  • Quantity: 400 pcs each colors,total 2800 pcs
  • Remark: Plastic box is included. This value jump ring set is easy to manage and convenient for jewelry making and one-stop solution for different colors.

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