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Kinzd - Carbon Fiber Money Clip and Women's Travel Cosmetic Bag

Looking for an awesome wallet or clip to hold those cards and extra cash? Well, look no longer! I've been able to try out some new products by Kinzd, a company that creates a secure way to hold your cash and cards when you're on the go. Plus, each way is made so you won't have that bulky pocket or bag with a huge wallet inside of it!

Instead, they make products that use high-quality material and styles that are attractive to any eye! Plus, the big feature that everyone likes when purchasing a wallet, is less bulky
and huge design that will take up all the room you have in your bag or that you need to carry a bag around because of it's size! Therefore, I would definitely check out the wonderful designs and styles they have to offer. Below is the two products I've been able to try and review.
Here is an excellent Carbon Money Clip! I really love the design, always appealing and gives such a sophisticated appearance while holding money, when you don't want to use a wallet or purse. This isn't just for men, but women can enjoy the fashion and style of this clip. It works for pretty much any occasion and such an easy piece to use!

Simply, just open the clip slightly and slide in the cash or cards you want to use that day. Especially, drivers license and credit cards, it fits them all! Plus, with the cash, you need the Carbon Fiber Money Clip is not only a great alternative to carrying a wallet but can be an alternative to carrying a purse with you or a bag. Just slip this lovely in your pocket and off you go! 

The design allows it to be super slim, not bulky or messy! Therefore, no worries of it slipping from each side or falling out and causing you to chase your cash down. The clip is super durable, strong and holds tight! Plus, it still has that flexibility to open and fit the cards and cash, snuggly into the clip. Finally, for something so stunning and beautifully designed, you can protect your cash or cards and easily go shopping or anywhere without that bulky wallet!

Product Information:

  • Color: Black With Blue
  •  Size: 2.75”x1.5”x0.39” (7cm x 3.8cm x 1cm)
  •  Made of Carbon fiber, smooth, lightweight and highly durable
  •  Strong and Practical: It can hold about 10 cards or a stack of dollars tightly
  •  Minimalist and Looks nice, Gently pull up the top tab to slip your bills/Cards in. Smooth and comfortable in the front pocket. Easy to carry around instead of bulky wallet
  •  Slim with Good Grip: No more bulge of clunky wallet to carry around. Simplify and minimize. SKU: AS174-G
If you're interested in learning more, please follow the link below:
Kinzd Carbon Fiber Money Clip

This bag is large enough to store so many cosmetic and beauty products you'll need for your vacation or travel! It's made with such nice leather with zippers that have those large bullies that make it easy to open and close. You also have a little loop on the side to hang the bag up or use it to hold the bag while moving from one room to another. For any makeup, cosmetic, or toiletry bag, one like this Kinzd Organizer Bag, you have so much room and space for all types of products! It's always great to have one bag with so much room, it saves you the need to pack in more bags to get everything you need with you.

I also love the black, very sleek works for anyone and actually looks like a nice bag, rather than a toiletry bag. Plus, with all those extra compartments, you can store facial cleanser, creams, and lotions in one part, have your makeup in another and even some tools like eyelash curler and even a massaging tool to get the serums you use to absorb better. No matter what goes in the bag, it can be used for so many different items and save you space and the need to pack another bag, while you travel. Also, works great in the house as a personal beauty holder for your products.

Finally, this is a wonderful bag, made of quality nylon and leather, which presents liquids or anything to soak or damage the bag and it looks so fabulous! I love the many compartments and the color that makes it look more like a stylish bag and not a toiletry, cosmetics bag.

Product Information:
  • Color: Black
  •  Made of Nylon oxford(Jeanette), Sleeky, Waterproof, Easy Clean Bag Size: 9.53”x 6.69”x5.1” (24.20cm x 17cmx13cm)
  •  Enough room for makeup/ toiletry goods: Store All kinds of Makeup, brush, eyelash curler, eye shadow, lipsticks, foundation, or face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, also can hold bottles and jars, phone etc.
  •  Double Layer Zipper Pockets. The main pocket is big enough which can hold bottles and jars easily, it has a small separate internal zip pocket, you can keep certain things separated. Another bottom zippered pockets have many narrow compartments, it is the perfect size to hold different cosmetic brushes, pencils, and eyeliner, etc. All zippers are well made and can glide easily.
  •  With clear see-through plastic pockets, it can easy to Remove or install. This unique small see through pocket can keep your stuff separated and easy to find your cosmetics. The outside Leather handles for easy carrying or hang. SKU: AS167-B

If you're interested in learning more, please follow the link below:
Kinzd Women's Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

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