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Junk Drawer Engineering 25 Construction Challenges That Don't Cost a Thing by Bobby Mercer

I love projects that use science and engineering! It's been a dream of mine to create more than just art, but build things as well! My mom probably got me into that mindset to create, as she use to work in construction and built many different things. Plus, I have obtained her art skills a well! So everything I do or want to do is revolving around DIY and Handmade anything! No matter if it's wood, paper, jewelry, or yarn and thread projects. I just love them all, especially making things from scratch!

However, there is one thing I do like about DIY or being creative is working with things found in my house and reusing these things to create something new, since they have no more use or will be ending up in the trash. So while searching for some new ideas I came upon this wonderful book that I just needed to share! The book, Junk Drawer Engineering by Bobby Mercer caught my attention from the cover, right then did I know it was something I had to read. 

First off, this book really does take items you have lying around the house or that you can find for cheap, and put them together to create things like a catapult, a pasta bridge, and even for some more fun a marble roller coaster! Yes, there are tons of fun creative projects inside, 25 to be exact. Each with simple items you can find or buy and with all these projects you'll be learning about three main categories which are energy, waves, and structure. It's not only a fun book to build and have fun with the creations afterward, but also a book that helps you learn during and after the project is done!

I think my favorite is that this is a perfect guide to learning. It's perfect for kids to learn and let their creative side show. It also is a perfect way to get their brains thinking and help them figure out problems as well as help them build better thinkers, engineers, and creative kids. Plus, who doesn't like to create, instead of just reading a book! It's always fun to get up and try things and see what happens. I like many are curious to try things, even if it don't work out. Since, you don't know if you don't try, as my mom would say. So having a book that explains and shares true photo steps make it easy to follow along and create with no problems! Finally, the children or adults using this book to experiment and learn from what they make. Therefore, I just love this book and how wonderful it is with fun guidance and creative projects inside!

Author Biography:
Bobby Mercer has been sharing the fun of science for more than two decades as a high school physics teacher. He is the author of Junk Drawer Physics, Junk Drawer Chemistry, and The Flying Machine Book.

Book Information:
  • Junk Drawer Science
  • 224 Pages, 6 x 9
  • Formats: Trade Paper, Mobipocket, EPUB, PDF
  • Trade Paper, $14.99 (US $14.99) (CA $19.99)
  • ISBN 9781613737163
  • Rights: WOR
  • Chicago Review Press (May 2017)

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