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Gracefulvara French Nail Art Line Edge Trimmer Manicure Stencil Tool

I can't believe how hard it can be to create the perfect French manicure when the line is not easy to achieve! However, I was browsing around and found a shop known as Gracefulvara, which sells woman accessories and especially, nail supplies for those who want to get salon-style nails at home or in their own business! However, they sell so many more items, which are at a great low price and still comes to you in excellent shape and quality!

So when I found this one tool from Gracefulvara, I knew I might have found the best solution to get that French manicure at home and still look like I've gone to a nail salon to get it done!
This isn't one of those tools you need to buy over and over. Instead, this little stencil actually can be used over and over!

The Gracefulvara Nail Art Line Edge Trimmer is the name of this beautiful tool and it comes straight from the company on Amazon. This product is perfect for those working in nail salons as well as those who want that French look at home! I've been at a salon a few times, and always admire the French Manicure. No matter the colors, I just love that tip design from a simple straight to a perfect V. However, it's difficult to get that look at home and after using tape or trying to create a stencil, it just becomes a waste of money to buy all that stuff and a mess! However, for under 3 dollars, you can have a reusable, stainless steel stencil that is made of metal and has all the sizes for each nail on your hand! So no fear there is a size for that finger!
This line edge trimmer is actually the perfectly sharp and trendy V-shape edge. It's deep and super awesome! Everyone will notice it from a distance or close up, it'll win the eyes of all your friends and anyone who sees them! I have to say that this stencil will give you that sharp V that you can't really get easily at home. I find it to be the best tool ever, for a low price! The quality is wonderful and it is just as mentioned reusable!

The way it works is simple! Just apply the base coat, next use the stencil to get that edge with the color you'd like to put on the tip. Of course, light pink and white tips are normal, but I'm sure anyone is more than traditional or normal! So why not go for the possibly purple base and tip with green, or how about a fancy spring color of light purple, lavender and a shade of light yellow tips!

Hey, it's ok to be fun and still you'll have a striking V no matter the color with this stencil set! Just imagine, you can change the polish daily and have perfect French anytime you want! It's easy, portable and reusable, something I wish I had every time I tried to get that perfect French at home! So I'm just glad to have found Gracefulvara online and now my French manicure at home will always be perfect! 

Product Information:

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Color: as the picture show
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Package: 1 * nail art tool
  • Useful tool for nail art

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