Thursday, May 18, 2017

Explore Lifez 20 Watt Melting Adhesive Glue Gun with 10 Pcs Sticks for DIY Small Craft and Quick Repairs in Home & Office

I am so happy to have a chance to try the Explore Lifez Hot Glue Gun. This is not only a glue gun, but you get the 10 glue sticks to get you started right when it arrives! I honestly love working with my hot glue gun! It's been super helpful for all my hobbies and crafts I do. The need for a glue that will hold things together is easy when I have the right gun to melt it and that would have to be this handy blue gun by Explore Lifez. It's not only easy to use, with the gun design but it's also simple to setup and doesn't require any controls to power on or set temperature. This is a one temp set gun. You have 20 watts of power going through the cord to eat the gun, and this all starts once you plug it into the outlet and press the red power button. 
I normally plug this in and wait about a minute to have it ready to use. However, it's not exact but I do let it heat up while preparing each piece I'm gonna be gluing together. What makes this a wonderful tool is not just the design, but the wire is flexible and long enough for you to move it around while working on each piece you want to glue. Plus, the little metal piece, like a kickstand allows you to keep it in the up position while you let the heat cool off, once unplugged or while you set the next piece up for gluing.

I haven't had any problem with the melting. It gets hot quickly and isn't difficult to install each piece of glue when needed. I can make molded designs, glue things together and so much more with this tool! It's an excellent product and provides wonderful results.

Product Information:
  • Quick Heats up - Heats up in 2-5 minutes, automatically keep a constant temperature.
  • Safe to Use: Fuse safely for effective protection. Power switch with a LED indicator for safety.
  • Premium Material - High-quality aluminum nozzle can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Made of advanced engineering plastic, light weight, long time life.
  • The package will come with 10pcs glue sticks, with super strong adhesive.
  • Application Wide Range - Great for home, office, and school, DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, fabric, plastic, card, ceramics and more.

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