Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BBLIKE Fishing Game - Rotating Double Fish Pools & 26 Fish - with Electric Light and Music- 4 Poles Magnetic Fishing Set Educational Learning Toy for Boys and Girls

The BBLIKE Fishing Game Toy with Rotating Double Fish Pools is something similar to what I've played with when I was young. It actually was given to me as a gift in preschool. I actually just loved this little toy. So having a chance to see the same toy I use to enjoy in a newer and more colorful design, is just awesome! The BBLIKE Fishing Game is bright, contains adorable fishes of all sizes and two different pools. This is absolutely a better than the version I had, which was with one yellow pool and a few small fish, portable size.

However, the BBLIKE Toy is brighter and even more challenging with 26 fishes, which include the little fish in the top pool and on the bottom, in the larger pool is the bigger fish. The goal is to catch them with the fishing pole. The pole has a small magnetic piece on the tip of the string and the fish inside their mouths when open have small teeth that keep the bell magnetic piece of the pole inside and lifts the fish up. It sort of gets stuck inside the teeth and allows you to lift them out of the pool. However, the mini fish do have magnetic pieces to attach inside. The game is played by you trying to catch as many fish as possible. It can be challenging because the fish love to close their mouths quick while the pool is spinning. 
I feel this is something that challenges a child to keep an eye on what they need to do to win the game. Their eyes will have to be focused on the fish, while various obstacles stand in the way. 
Mainly, the closing and opening of the fishes mouths and the rotation of the pools. So yes, for fun game, this can keep them building a stronger and smarter brain while having fun! Plus,
with the 4 poles, they can enjoy this with their sisters or brothers and even their friends! It's a fun game for children to enjoy and isn't dangerous, just very entertaining.
Finally, you can really take this anyplace you'd like, a little bit bigger than portable size, but keep the box and you can have fun at a kids get together. It will keep the kids happy and having fun while at another's house. Plus, everything is easy to set up, no directions really needed and with the sounds, the movement, and colors of this toy, it will be fun for your child to enjoy or even a wonderful gift to give! 

Product Information:
  • More useful: Four magnetic rods included, more suitable for several kids to play together and try to compete with each other than most of the normal fish game toy.
  • Funnier: SIMPLE and DIFFICULT. Easy to catch the small fishes by the magnetic rod; it will be a challenge for kids to catch large fishes, but kids will be happier to enjoy the success.
  • More function: Switch on and the unit plays a variety of children nursery rhymes, whilst it lights up with bright flashing lights. The large white fishing pond section rotates and the fish tank also moves around.
  • More valuable: Fun and challenging way to develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and fine motor skills.Bright colors help child stimulus and brain development.
  • An ideal toy for toddlers as a birthday present, kids gift, Christmas gift and sock filler. Bigger than bigger: Size: 25*9 cm/ 10*3.5 in

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