Sunday, May 21, 2017

Aicok Coffee Maker Quick Thermal Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe and Reusable Mesh Filter, 1000W, Black/Stainless Steel

 I love coffee, well everyone in my family does as well! My grandma drinks a cup every morning, I tend to drink it throughout the day, and when we have friends over it ends up being a great drink with any dessert! The Aicok Coffee Maker is a classic design that I tend to enjoy! The mesh filter is reusable, so no more waste and extra purchasing of disposable filters.  I actually replaced an older coffee maker for this version as it's so much eco-friendly and easy to use! 
The power button is simple, right in front. No more multiple buttons to press just one to turn it on and get it started! Of course, the press of the button also turns it off. Now, I feel the size saves me much space and I still can heat up a few cups to get my family and me through the morning. It really stands up for the daily uses! The material is strong and durable, which will keep it from damage and last so much longer than a cheap brand.

The handle of the teapot is easy to grab with the open top button right on the top part of the handle. Making it easy to use one hand to open it and clean it out. The heat on the machine itself is equally distributed and allows for a nice hot pot of coffee, no cool spots or worries when you want to wait to have a cup or another later. The base of the teapot allows the heat to stay directly underneath the pot, giving you a hot drink when your ready and if the machine is left on.

Finally, a nice hot drink is easy with this coffee maker! Aicok made a wonderful device that serves plenty of coffee to a group of people, like a family of 4. I love the design and how easy it is to work. I don't need to make my grandma's coffee anymore, it's so easy she can get up and start it when she wants a cup!

Product Information:
  • FAST BREWS COFFEEMAKER: 1000 Watt high power brewing system delivers 1-10 cups of hot, fresh coffee within minutes. It’s very fast to makes cups of coffee. Steam heat forces hot water through the coffee ground, coffee ground could achieve the strongest brews. Powerful and quick!
  • EFFECTIVE WARMING PLATE: This has a hot plate on base, the warmer plate keeps your coffee hot at the steady 178°optimal temperature. Hot coffee is available anytime if the coffee maker remains turning on. Or just turn it off if you do not want to keep the coffee warm further.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter and a coffee scoop. Removable filter basket for convenience. The lid is huge, that is lifted up to access the filter and water well is very large (encompassing the entire top of the machine). It is very easy to clean.
  • SIMPLE COFFEE MAKER: These have a simple on/off switch, and window viewer. The simple button makes it simple to operate. The only one switch could brew your favorite coffee. The window viewer to see how much water you are placing in the unit is large and conveniently placed on the machine.
  • HIGH-QUALITY GUARANTEE: Sleek with the black and stainless steel, looks great on the counter and matches other appliances. If you have problems about the Drip Coffee Maker, please contact us. We provide 2 years warranty for the item.

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