Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Book of Tapping Emotional Acupressure with EFT by Sophie Merle

I love natural healing methods and this book, The Book of Tapping by Sophie Merle is all about just that, but more for emotional healing! The book really works by helping the reader understand about points on the body, which you can touch and help you feel better or even do a full round of tapping. Honestly, it sounds like a great way to help with emotional issues such as feeling depressed, panic attacks, stress, and many others. However, I am always in need of a little pick me up from day to day, so I was interested in checking out how to perform a tapping and recover from what is making me feel down.

So the main purpose of the book is to help you fix these emotional problems you may have. EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and can also be known as psychological acupressure. Therefore, instead of working with healing for health issues, like digestive and the organs this actually works with your emotions, which can still aid in some known causes for headaches and other ill feelings you get for feeling blue. I actually only have books on acupressure and other Chinese natural healing techniques to aid in inner body recovery. However, this is the only book I actually have to cover emotional issues and that is pretty sweet that they have a book on naturally healing the emotions. I wonder if this could really keep me from taking medicine to feel better since I am bipolar and half of my family is!

So, I'm going to keep trying these techniques, which they have plenty of examples and images of the points you'll focus on and how to work EFT to feel better. It's a great guide and maybe this could be an easy answer when I'm in need of some emotional balancing and feeling like it's a sunny, beautiful day every day!

Information About The Author:
Sophie Merle is a practitioner and teacher of EFT and Feng Shui, offering workshops and courses in the United States and Europe. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Book Information:

  • Pages: 112
  • Book Size : 5.38 x 8.25
  • ISBN-13: 9781620556016
  • Imprint: Healing Arts Press
  • Release Date: April 04, 2017
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Illustrations: 4 b&w illustrations

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Innertraditions - The Book of Tapping Emotional Acupressure with EFT by Sophie Merle

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