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TEWELL Bluetooth Portable Speakers - Microphones, Waterproof, 7-Hour Playtime and Enhanced Bass

Below, is three stereo speakers I've had a chance to review. These three wonderful and long-range, Bluetooth speakers are a bit more of an upgrade from the cheaper versions and don't cost so much more to buy. They are nifty in design and the sound is out of this world, magnificent! These are all coming from the company known as TEWELL and they have just released these new speakers to Amazon. So check them out, you might find one for a gift to give or the perfect one for yourself!

 The TEWELL Retrorock Bluetooth Speaker is like WOW! I mean, the design of the antique look is so classy and modern, which would work in many different households and something for even the technology lover! I think what really appeals to me is that the design reminds me of a classic old radio or well, a speaker. The shape is a rectangular box with a smooth outer surface. It has that no fingerprint material and each button to control and operate the device is located on top.
The speaker comes with the brand's logo in front. It's got a large speaker part that allows the sound to play out loud to capture the attention of an entire room. I do enjoy that this sound is perfect and catches the sound of every song, game played, or video I'm watching!
The Bass is something that isn't in cheap speakers and can be missed if you don't have a speaker with it included. However, this version includes a bass port design and it really allows for that deeper and richer lows that you won't get in others. So you really aren't  paying for just a speaker, but something that plays music and any type of sound through Bluetooth connection, perfectly!

I honestly love this device and can connect so many different devices to it, even an old android phone! Since it does have a port for the auxiliary cord, you can easily insert devices that don't use Bluetooth. Plus, with the controls on top as I spoke about before. You can adjust the loudness of the sound with ease! Don't have to play with the phone to change it. Also, for those who just want a speaker and nothing more, well this is just that!  It's not an additional speaker for receiving calls, but just a simple device that plays great music! Finally, with the range of connectivity with any Bluetooth device that can pair with this speaker, it's just brilliant!You can be at a distance and still connect, with a 33-foot range. 

Product Information:

  • Setting this antique is one of the loudest speakers in its class, Retrorock has two high-performance drivers with a well-balanced audio which boasts a clear midrange and extended highs for a sound that is both articulate and pronounced
  • With revolutionary Bass Port design, Retrorock allows you enjoying deeper and richer lows than expectation
  • Hook it up wirelessly via the latest 4.2 version of Bluetooth, or simply connect the AUX-in cord that’s included with your phone
  • Retrorock’s classic design is a throwback to the golden days of rock’n’roll, and its analog interaction knob gives you custom control of your music
  • Adopting wood and leather body, Retrorock reduces resonance and distortion significantly and delivers soft and gentle sound

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For those who love to be by the water, taking an adventure outdoors and even just traveling from room to room, well this speaker is perfect for you! Honestly, if I had to choose something for someone, well this would be it! It's waterproof, which is great for the outdoors and anyplace you go. It's got 7 hours of playtime, so the music doesn't stop after 3 hours of sunbathing or hiking and with the built in microphone you can take calls and never miss one where ever you are and when you are using a cell phone to listen to your music with this device!
I found it to be a really wonderful speaker, the sound is great because it does have enhanced bass built in! Plus, with that large playtime, I can charge the device and have it ready to go when I'm out the next day for hours! It's also great when playing games, streaming videos and TV shows on my phone. I know it's specially made for music, but it can be used for so much more! 

I do have to point out that the design is simple with a rectangular look. However, it does have a rugged appearance and a nice gripping design on the exterior for no slipping out of the hands when went. The device also includes a handle piece that can clip on a bag, or simply put it in a bag by the size! Finally, the sound is excellent, it works great still when hit by water and the size and shape make it easy to listen and take anyplace!                                                                            

Product Information:

  • Coming with breakthrough 6-watt drivers and passive subwoofer design, Surfing allows you enjoying an impressively loud, clear, well-balanced, full-range listening experience
  • With built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, you can play music up to 7 hours at the volume of 100%, and can easily recharge your Surfing with the Micro-USB cable which is included
  • Featuring with a rubberized coating, Surfing is shockproof and dustproof. The IP67 rating means you can use it in the shower or take it to the pool or beach
  • Advanced Bluetooth V4.2 tech offers a 33ft range, so you can take your phone further without losing connection and make hands-free calls with the built-in noise-canceling mic
  • Superior slim design with 11.6 ounces,7.5*1.4*3.1 inches, Surfing fits neatly into pockets or handbags
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This is a huge speaker! It's actually very unique and original. I mean, I've never seen a hexagon shaped speaker like this one before me! It's quite a change and yet it for the size, it's very light weight and has wonderful sound! The speaker actually comes in a few other colors and yet, each is designed similar! You get such wonderful quality sound coming from this and it can reach any device from a far distance, 33 range.
I think my favorite feature is just that! I can actually hook up my phone from indoors to outdoors and not lose connection. It's perfect to use at parties and fill an entire room with clear and rich sound! Plus, with a long playtime of 7 hours, you can be partying for awhile before it needs a recharge! 

I think one other piece that captures my attention when I first tried the speaker is that it's got a microphone. So not only do you have a wonderful Bluetooth speaker, but you also get a microphone to take calls and respond as needed. So it can come in handy for anyone who wants to play music on their phone and not forget to book that appointment, respond to a question or just chat to family and friends while using the TEWELL Speaker. Finally, the quality is perfect, the design is unique and yet wonderful and with all the devices you may have or want to own, this will be able to connect with Bluetooth, making it wire free or easily insert an auxiliary cord and allow those non-Bluetooth devices play through as well!
Also, could make a great gift to another or for yourself!

Product Information:

  • Clothed in a stylish and richly-textured fabric to reduce resonance, Beeo sounds softer and more gentle than expectation
  • With dual revolutionary Al-Fe-B drivers and a state-of-the-art passive subwoofer, Beeo delivers your music in full-bodied stereo
  • In addition to AUX input, Beeo adopts the latest and most advanced 4.2 Bluetooth version to maximize device compatibility and pairing speed
  • Due to the built-in noise-canceling microphone, Beeo  makes hands-free conversations extraordinarily clear and smooth when you are on the phone
  • With 7-hour playtime, Micro-USB charging cable, slim design and detachable stand, Beeo can be put into your handbag and carried from home to office

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